Yanni Hufnagel’s Meteoric Rise

When it came to high-energy assistant basketball coaches in the NCAA, few could match Yanni Hufnagel. His energy levels and commitment to channeling that energy into recruiting were nearly legendary in college basketball. No matter where he was coaching, Hufnagel was totally committed to the program and to making it better by putting all his energy into recruiting. His reputation and diligence led to him becoming a highly-sought-after assistant coach. Not bad for a kid who was cut from his high school basketball team in Scarsdale, New York at the age of 16.


He initially demonstrated high basketball IQ the season he was cut from the high school team, as he assumed the color commentary role for the high school game broadcasts. His analysis and Bill Raftery-like comments made him special considering he was simply a 16-year old on local access television. Hufnagel then moved on to Cornell University, where he served as the basketball team’s student manager. He then headed to the University of Oklahoma, at age 23, and became a graduate assistant for the men’s basketball team for 2 seasons under Jeff Capel. Yanni was lucky enough at that time to work closely with future NCAA and NBA superstar Blake Griffin. This experience helped Yanni Hufnagle make the decision to move into coaching.


Hufnagel gained his first coaching experience as an assistant under Tommy Amaker for 4 years at Harvard University. This is where he developed his ability to connect with athletes, like Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders. Yanni also had the opportunity to recruit Iona Prep student-athlete Matt Ryan while at Harvard. Although Ryan ended up choosing Notre Dame over Harvard, Ryan openly admitted that Hufnagel was impressive in his pursuit of him.


Yanni moved on to Vanderbilt from Harvard and spent one season coaching there before he was lured away to the University of California by Cuonzo Martin. Although the two did not know each other, Martin knew of Hufnagle’s dedication and drive and wanted him to be part of the team. Yanni Hufnagel, at the young age of 31 in 2014, had quickly ascended through the college coaching ranks like a rocket.





Discover Financial Freedom with HCR Wealth Advisors

Get assistance with your financial issues and answers to your questions with HCR Wealth Advisors, a trusted wealth advisement firm. Their continued commitment is to give their customers an opportunity to build their wealth. Obtaining a great financial future starts with making smarter decisions about your money. The firm takes a dedicated approach to your finances and its wealth management services. Experience a team of professionals that puts the needs of their clients first. You don’t have to be reluctant to discuss your finances because of the threat of being looked down on. Their team of professionals that will take a firm, but compassionate approach to your finances.

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The registered investment advisory firm is one that you should consider it you are looking to tune up your finances or build your wealth. They have hundreds of clients and are able to deliver personalized attention and service. Many banks promise their clients a way out of debt but can fail to deliver. HCR Wealth Advisors can give your portfolio or small business finances a checkup. They can help you see where you could be making smarter financial decisions.

What Is A Financial Fitness Program?

In an article from brightscope.com, it says that a financial fitness plan is a great way to reshape your finances. Their clients will have an opportunity to take a short wealth test with immediate results. You can realize your dreams of living a wealthier lifestyle with the help of a financial advisor. They understand that being able to plan for your future is important. You don’t want to have to come out of retirement and get a job to stay afloat. You can visit the official HCR Wealth Advisors website for more details on their wealth services today

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Hussain Sajwani is a property developer, founder, and chair of DAMAC properties. He attended the University of Washington getting a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering through a government scholarship. The DAMAC owner began his career at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries serving in the finance department as a contract manager. He started Global Logistics Services two years later with its clients including Bechtel and the U.S military. Hussain established the DAMAC properties in 2002, and it has grown to be among the renowned property development firms in the Middle East.

Based on its compound annual revenue growth rates between 2013 and 2015, DAMAC Properties was ranked position one among the fastest growing international firms on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. The DAMAC owner was listed as 4th richest Arab in the Forbes 2018 ranking with $4.1 billion net worth.

DAMAC Properties is committed to giving back to the community as a homegrown company. Sajwani family has incorporated philanthropy in their values and beliefs. Hussain Sajwani in collaboration with the DAMAC Group support numerous organization such as the Dar Al Ber Society, Dubai Cares, and the Emirates Red Crescent. DAMAC owner aims at creating a sustainable future for the next generation.

The Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation targets at empowering the people across the Arab world by supporting “One Million Arab Coders Initiative” an education program that has a significant impact on society socially. This will be through the empowerment of one million Arabs with technical expertise and skills necessary for future jobs.

According to dubai.dubizzle.com, the program is organized into several phases for two years with programming curriculum and specialized software presented after three months. So far, the updates have included the conclusion of the first cohort on 23rd April 2018 that enrolled over 100,000 students, opening of the second cohort on the initiative’s website and each cohort will run for three months.

Tutors and students can choose to specialize in either App development, Front Web Development, Full Stack Web Development or Data Analytics. In future, the foundation aims to assess on the gaps in the community to improve livelihood and contribute towards sustainability of the Arab population.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Discusses The Impact Of Non-Emergencies On Emergency Room Care

The overuse of emergency rooms is a common problem in America. It is estimated that 30 percent of people go to the emergency room when they have a medical problem. Many of the people who go to the emergency room do not have a medical emergency.

This is a problem that has been going on for several years. In fact, studies that date back to the 1990s show similar trends. Florida’s emergency room waiting time is about the same as the national average. Thirty percent of people in Florida have used the emergency room for a non-emergency medical problem within the past two years.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency room physician. He has treated thousands of people who did not have an urgent medical need. He stated that many people go to the emergency room because they do not have access to a primary care physician. Despite the fact that many people go to the emergency room for a problem that is not an emergency, they are still treated the same as everyone else. They are given a bed. They are also taken care of by physicians, nurses and technicians.

Dr. Forsthoefel stated that emergency room staff members work hard to make sure that everyone gets the best care possible. He also stated that he understands that many people come to the emergency room because they do not have any other option. However, this is putting a strain on emergency room departments.

More time and resources are being used for non-emergency conditions. This makes it difficult to maintain patient flow. Other emergency room doctors have expressed similar concerns.

Dr. Forsthoefel has done a lot of research to find out why so many people have so many people use emergency rooms for non-emergencies. He has reviewed studies to find out why both wealthy people and low-income people use emergency rooms. Wealthy people often go to the emergency room because they do not want to wait to see their primary care doctor.

Low-income people often visit the emergency room because they do not have a primary care provider. It is also convenient for people to visit the emergency room. Studies have also shown that younger people are more likely to visit the ER for a non-emergency.

Some people believe that insurance companies should raise deductibles and copays in order to prevent people from going to the emergency room for non-emergencies. However, many believe that this would have a negative effect on low-income people. It can also be difficult for people to determine whether the problem is urgent.

In fact, many people do not know whether their problem is serious until they have been examined. For example, chest pain may be a sign of a heart attack or indigestion. Many physicians believe that if insurance companies change their policy, then many people would refuse care and die.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of patients who go to the emergency room are insured. People without insurance are more likely to avoid the emergency room due to the high costs. Doctors have stated that making it easier for patients to get primary care will help reduce the number of people who go to the emergency room for non-emergencies.


Randal Nardone and His Major Roles in Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone also goes by the name Randy, and he pursued his undergraduate degree in English and Biology in a famous University in Boston. To acquire further education, he enrolled in Connecticut University where he was awarded a Juris Doctor Degree. 1998, is the year when Fortress Investment Group brought to existence as a product of Randal Nardone, Kauffman and Wes Edens working jointly. Despite being its Chief Executive Officer, he has also served before as the Principal of the Firm’s Credit Corporation. Also, he has served several organizations before being the co-founder of Fortress Group such as Springleaf Financial Holdings that delegated the duty of the President and Chairman to him. Also, while at Newcastle Investment Holdings he was offered the slot of the Vice-President as well as discharging the responsibilities of the Secretary.

Randal Nardone excellent reputation in the financial sector provides him a chance to be offered the top positions of the firms that he had served. Over the years, an asset managing firm commonly known as Fortress Investment Group has been experiencing an exponential growth rate, and this being the primary reason of being named among the best investment firms globally as well as being listed in the Market Exchange of New York City. New York City also appears to be where its headquarters are situated.

Fortress Investment Group is managing over $43.6 billion assets, and out of this Randal Nardone, hard work has seen him earn a vast amount of cash for himself. Therefore in Forbes List, he also tends to be positioned number 557 with a net worth of over $1.8 billion as well as being among the few billionaires worldwide. It can, therefore, be concluded that he is among the brilliant mind that leads to the success of Fortress Group.

The journey of Randal Nardone to become a finance and investment guru was very unpredictable. One of the things that made it unpredictable was the disciplines that he pursued in the undergraduate and master level. For instance, for the undergraduate, Randal got Rat Degrees in English and Biology. He would later move to the Boston University where obtained another degree in Law. This was an early decision that he later came to ignore and pursued another career as a finance professional. His skills and experience in Law have contributed to the great expertise that Nardone Randal has shown in Fortress Investment Group, being able to interpret all the legal aspects of the business that the company encountered.

How Sheldon Lavin Fulfilled His Dream Of Being A Leader In The Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman who studied finance while in college. He decided early on that he wanted to build a company in the food industry so that he could contribute to what people eat on a daily basis. He started out as a financial consultant where he helped companies in the food industry getting funding in order to effectively compete. He says he was nervous when he first started out, unsure of his abilities, but once he started finding success he became much more confident.

He says the “big break” for him occurred when a company, Otto & Sons, signed a contract with him. Sheldon Lavin says that this was a small food company that needed to raise capital in order to expand their operations. He saw a lot of potential in this company and his suspicions were proven right when Otto & Sons went from being a business operating just in Illinois to being one selling food to clients across the United States.

Sheldon Lavin played a big role in Otto & Sons national expansion. The owners of this company were so impressed by business skills that they asked if he would like to become a partner of it. He accepted the offer and started fulfilling his dream of running a food company when he was installed as the chairman of the board and chief executive officer. His company, now called OSI Group, is now international in scope with operations throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and in the country of South Africa.

In addition to growing OSI Group into an international firm Sheldon Lavin has also greatly expanded the number of customers it has as well as the types of food this company sells. When he started out this company’s main customer was McDonald’s. They now provide the food that is sold in many other restaurants around the world such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Similarly, in the 1970s OSI Group just processed beef. They now process pork, seafood, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. They also create value-added food products such as pizzas, calzones, crepes, and burritos.

Co Founder Of Fortress Investment Group Acquires English Soccer Team

Wes Edens is a leading entrepreneur and sports team owner based in the United States. He is the co founder and chairman of the renowned investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. He co founded the firm back in the year 1998 along with a couple of other finance professionals. Since founding the firm 20 years ago, Edens has built it into one of the most reputable in the financial services industry. Once the firm was founded, it quickly established itself as a trendsetter for years to come. During its history, the firm has expanded to many countries throughout the world. In terms of financial services are concerned, the firm offers things such as the management of valuable assets such as real estate, hedge funds and private equities. Today, Fortress Investment Group oversees a total amount of assets exceeding $40 million along with assisting well over 1500 institutional clients worldwide.

Fortress Investment Group is based in New York City. It also has a number of other office locations in key cities in various regions of the world. In terms of its ownership structure, it has three principals who control the firm. This firm is controlled by co founder and chairman Wes Edens, co founder and principal Randal Nardone and also Chief Executive Officer and principal Peter Briger. All three of these individuals participate in the daily strategy and management of the firm. When it looks to serving clients, Fortress Investment Groups offers mergers and acquisitions, asset management, capital markets, operations management and advisory services.

In recent months Wes Edens purchased a major professional English soccer team named Aston Villa. He invested in the team with another billionaire from Egypt named Nassef Sawaris. The two individuals invested a sum of 30 million British pounds which is equivalent to $39 million. They will acquire a total stake of 55% ownership of the team. With this transaction, Wes Edens and Nassef Sawaris will gain a majority control over Chinese businessman Tony Xia who bought the team two years ago in 2016.

Wes Edens will join a list of a few other prominent foreign billionaires who have purchased European sports teams. He joins individuals such as Roman Abramovich of Russsia, and the Glazer family. This new purchase will also become the second major sports team that Edens will have an ownership stake in. Wes purchased and has owned the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.

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Jim Toner Is Successful Even With All The Challenges

Jim Toner is a real estate guru that did not have it all handed to him. He had his ups and downs and is now stronger than ever. With all these invaluable experiences, Jim can take this information and help people. He has seen and done it all in his 25 plus years in the real estate industry.

One of his more difficult decisions came in 2010 when Jim stopped doing investment real estate. It all happened when he worked with a well known real estate guru who had been featured on national TV shows like FOX News. This guru’s real estate firm is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the largest in the United States. This well known person was not a good fit for Mr. Toner and ended up taking all of his money. This was devastating and ruined his life. He realized that the so-called real estate gurus were just frauds. Through his tough life experiences, Jim was able to write and author a book. It became such a hit that “Send in the Wolves” was ranked number one on Amazon. Some time passed and Jim’s friend approached him one day. The friend told Jim that he was the real deal and that he shouldn’t give up on his dreams. This convinced Mr. Toner to get back in the business with a few exceptions. He hired the best local real estate investor in specific cities to facilitate his program. His business worked, and it started to really take off. The people Mr. Toner hired are real people actually currently working in their field. They even had a goal of selling 500 homes in five years. This was based in the state of Ohio.

Whoever want to work for Jim Toner and his company cannot just join, they have to qualify. He keeps his business high quality and they really deliver results. Jim Toner is even starting up a podcast called “The Band of Rebels.” It will be coming soon and people will learn more about who is working for Jim’s company. The great thing about his business is that it is based on values and does not screw anyone over, like he was in the past. They have fun, work hard, and making money in the process of it all. Real estate as an industry has created the most millionaires out of all the fields out there. There are plenty of opportunities and Jim wants to encourage others to succeed. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is an avid reader. He recommends that everyone should read because it can open up doors in the future. That knowledge you get from reading is very empowering. Connect with Toner on Facebook.

See this page: thriftbooks.com/a/jim-toner/478220/

Stream Energy Cares

Not too long-ago Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston area with a vengeance and brought an enormous amount of rain. Numerous areas were flooded and there were people who lost their homes and their lives. Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step up and fund the effort to rebuild the community. The company has built a positive image through corporate philanthropy. Employees and company leaders of Stream Energy have helped to drive local giving in the community Stream Energy recently started a new charity foundation called “Stream Cares”. The advantages that this philanthropic effort should offer the company are that the company gives back to the community and earns greater respect from potential clients and the public.

Many times, corporations that give charity typically make it a highly publicized event. It can be to an advantage when the company faces a possible scandalous event, when profits decline, and when a company faces financial pressures and is forced to lay off workers. When viewing numbers, corporate America is extremely generous. It is estimated that businesses have over $19 billion to Charities across the nation in 2016.

Stream uses a simplistic business approach. They pay their associates to build a large base of loyal clients and deliver a vast array of services and products. Stream associates can potentially earn commissions from their sales It is the associates who often pick causes to support that they feel passionate about. One thing that is extremely important to the members of Stream Energy is homelessness. The company and its employees typically monitor the homeless rate in the Dallas area. Stream partners with Hope Supply company and covered the meal costs for over a thousand homeless children at an annual event “Splash for Hope”. In this event, employees donate money and supplies and bring the children to a local water park.


The RealReal Makes for One Exciting Instagram Feed

Whether or not you are in the market for luxury resale items, the pictures posted on The RealReal Instagram page is the best window shopping around. Designer bags, jewelry, and shoes, are top items featured. Would you like the blue crystal studded Balenciaga or the delicate pink Gucci heels featured on Instagram this week? The Celine shoes are displayed more as an art piece as well as thigh-high money-print boots. The pictures are just as breathtaking as the items themselves.

You know when you purchase from this consignment store you are investing in a designer piece, but when the goods are featured on The RealReal the item is guaranteed 100% authentic. So that adorable Burberry tote with the hint of rainbow plaid would never cross your mind as possibly being a fake. The RealReal Instagram feed is relaxing, yet gets you excited at the same time. So many designer goods, all authenticated and at fantastic prices. How do they do it?

This San Francisco-based company prides itself on meticulously examining every designer item, proving it’s authenticity, before allowing the site to sell it. This method has created a following of loyal, trusting clients who can buy with confidence, knowing that exact Chanel purse will arrive as shown on their Instagram feed.

What makes The RealReal different is they warehouse all the luxury goods for sale. They are not just a company that hosts a website for other sellers to post to. By taking control of the inventory they can assure once authenticated, no item can be switched out for a fake. The sheer array of designer goods that come in keeps the staff working diligently. With most items selling within 30 days, there is always something new to show its customers.

Following The RealReal on Instagram will also keep you updated on store openings so the next time you are in Los Angeles, you can stop on by the recently opened West Hollywood location and window shop in person.