CEO Rick Smith Securus Brings Innovative Program to Prisons

Securus provides the corrections and the law enforcement community with technology and services for incident management, monitoring, public information, investigation, and inmate services. Rick Smith has invested and acquired new companies in correctional communications, and used new law enforcement products. He has invested over $600,0000 in research and development. This has secured patents, and helped with upgrades and innovation.

Rick Smith CEO of Securus was appointed in 2008. He was chosen for his experience and dedication to the field. He has moved the company forward making them the leader in the corrections industry over the years. One service they provide are video visits for inmates with families. He has worked in finance, info technology, operations, business, and telecommunications.

Rick introduced video calling which allows family or friends calling an inmate to see the person. He believes this make a better visit or update with the person. They are not allowed to make calls from any phone but from a Securus phone. He looks for prisons that want to use their services to change the inmate experience. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

He wants his services to expand to every prison in America and invest in technology that will help prisons run more effectively. He say too often prisoners return to jail after being released. That is why he appointed a Director of Recidivism and Re-Entry. The Director of Recidivism and Re-Entry is Dawn Freeman.

The goal is to reduce recidivism rates and provide correctional education. Rick say the new director will work federal, state, and local agencies to use technology to reduce rates of recidivism. They will focus on jobs and opportunities for inmates.

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Rick Smith received a BA in Engineering, a Masters in Business and Mathematics. Rick Smith Securus has provided over 150,000 smart devices to inmates like tablets the provide education and content to the industry. Has partnership with JobView provides job searches services for inmates. He invested in partnership called the Prison Entrepreneurship Program the helps with recidivism.

How We Use Securus Technologies For Solving Crimes

The most challenging part of my job as a crime scene investigator is trying to help locate a fugitive when there is little in the way of evidence that can be tied to a specific person. When our team was on the hunt for an armed robber, we were not having any luck with surveillance cameras or eyewitness testimony, it was like the guy was a ghost. One thing we knew was he robbed the same chain, the same way, in the same city, month after month. The problem was that even if we put an officer at that bank each day, the resources it would take for even a week would drain our system.


After exhausting all the possibilities to find this suspect, we went to the local prison to see if we could find anyone who would talk or if this suspects patterns rang a bell with inmates. These inmates don’t talk to the police in most cases, but we decided we could ask the guards if they heard anything on the inmate call system they have. I knew this might be a long-shot because I used to work those calls and know you could sit for hours listening and hear nothing, so my hopes were not that high that this was going to be the big answer or break in the case we were looking for.


We were informed Securus Technologies recently updated the entire inmate phone system, and perhaps using the LBS software could help. Securus Technologies is the leader in inmate phone systems, installed in over 2,500 prisons and run by a company based out of Dallas Texas that know they are making the world a safer place for everyone to live. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, and all 1,000 of his employees believed that so we decided to become believers too. When the system is designed to do the work of several officers, I began to see the potential here for gathering some very important leads that could break this case wide open.


We put the system right to the test and in days we heard chatter from the inmates concerning the recent run of armed robberies. On one call, an inmate mentioned how similar the robberies were to how he and a former inmate used to conduct business. He even wondered out loud if it could be his old partner. This was a suspect we never even had on our radar because he was never in trouble before in this region.


We collected that information and decided to do surveillance on that suspect, and caught him in the act only a week later that to the software of the Securus Technologies call system.


Marc Sparks Gives His Opinion On The Three Most Delightful Wineries In The Dallas Area

Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, and a wine enthusiast. Along with his wife, he grew 16 acres of grapes on his ranch in Texas and produced a nice red wine. He enjoys the different types of grapes, the soil and the process involved in making wine. He has been to hundreds of wineries and vineyards including Napa Valley, California, Argentina, Italy and the France Bordeaux. Some of his favorite wineries are close to home in the Dallas area.Learn more :


Marc Sparks was pleased with the Times Ten Cellars and was sorry he waited as long as he did to visit. He found it delightful and recommends their Petit Verdot to anyone who comes to visit. He feels the interior décor combined with the wine and food are the perfect setting to having an excellent meal. The chef has numerous items on the menu that are delicious and highly enjoyed by the guests. According to Mr. Sparks every penny spent here is worthwhile and he gives them a rating of nine out of ten.Learn more :


Another of Mr. Sparks favorite places is the Checkered Past Winery. He was in the process of avoiding the difficulties in parking in Deep Ellum when he decided it would be nice to stop and have lunch. He found the Checkered Past Winery accidentally but was glad he did. He says the place is absolutely amazing with wonderful food and prices that are inexpensive. Mr. Sparks admits he has tasted some excellent wine in his life but the wine his host Tracy served him is something he will never forget. He declared the wine was fabulous, the décor quite pleasant and the seating areas both roomy and comfortable. Mr. Sparks gives this establishment a score of eight out of ten.


The final winery Marc Sparks rated is called the Bishop Arts Winery. He does warn it is easy to miss because it is so small. He also warns that this is not a place anyone should even consider missing. The Bishop Arts Winery is on the corner of Davis and Tyler and according to Mr. Sparks both the wine and food served are absolutely marvelous. He proclaimed they offered good service and an incredible experience. When he left he took a bottle of their Blackberry wine and is highly recommending it to everyone because it was scrumptiously delicious. Several of his friends have already taken his recommendation and visited to find they enjoyed themselves immensely. He feels anyone interested in a quiet spot for a date should definitely visit the Bishop Arts Winery. Mr. Sparks rates them an eight out of ten.Learn more :



Logan Stout Leads IDLife To Partnership With Garmin

There are some really useful innovations coming out of Frisco, TX, lately, from a company called IDLife LLC. Garmin knows it too, and that’s why the wearable device giant has chosen to partnership with this up and coming company led by Logan Stout. In just a few days the IDLife website will start featuring Garmin’s line of vívo activity trackers and the Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale for their own customers. It is a symbiotic relationship which is sure to keep the health and wellness revolutions coming.

The Frisco company was founded in order to provide some of the highest quality vitamin and nutritional products which are customized to the individual needs. In order to help with this process, there is a program called the IDLife Experience which leads its followers to new levels of health with just three easy steps per day. There is one for each portion of the day, and that is all there is to transforming body and health.

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman even endorses it, and also it should be mentioned that there is a free assessment tool available on the site as well as a $35,000 contest that is running through August for the best IDLife Experience transformation. The Garmin partnership should be exciting for anyone who is using or starts using these products. CEO Logan Stout has been an entrepreneur all of his life, and he understands about staying fit due to his previous stint as a professional athlete. He is pushing his company forward so that they can help others around the world stay on a similar healthy lifestyle trajectory.

Logan Stout has also been a keynote speaker at many conventions, and he writes quite a bit to that end as well. On his website (here) such personal improvement opinions can be found under the “Stout Advice” section where he lays out the secrets for all to read. IDLife offers more than just great flavors in their nutritional supplements and mixes. There is also a rating score to assess each individual, and everything that is needed can be shipped right to the doorstep.