OSI Group Facilities Receive Environmental Awards

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) recently singled out two processing facilities operated by OSI Group, recognizing them for their excellence in superior environmental management and sustainability practices.

The OSI plant in Geneva, Illinois, was awarded the “Tier 1 Environmental Recognition Award” for launching a concentrated process that will improve sustainability practices across all aspect of the facility’s function. The OSI plant in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, was given a “Tier 2 Award” for further advancement in environmental and sustainability practices and improvements.

These two operation join four other OSI Group facilities that have received NAMI awards. The others are located in Chicago, West Chicago, Oakland, Iowa, and West Jordan, Utah. In all, NAMI handed out 96 environmental recognition awards across the United States in 2018.

The recognition for the OSI Group facility is nothing new for a company which has placed sustainability and sound environmental management at the core of its operating philosophy. The vision to produce and process food with sustainability is the driven by OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. These two decades-long leaders of the company realized early on that, when it comes to food production in a world that must feed 7 billion people, finding ways to do so without damaging the environment is critical. A sustainable way is the only way.

OSI is based in Aurora, Illinois. It’s a company with more than 100 years of operation after being established in 1909 by a German immigrant. Otto Kolschowsky had no idea that his humble butcher shop would one day become one of America’s largest privately owned companies with annual profits in excess of $6 billion. Today, OSI has 65 facilities operating in 17 countries around the world. Forbes magazine recently listed OSI Group as the 58th largest privately owned company in the U.S.

Aggressive growth and expansion has been the hallmark of the OSI philosophy, but one always tied to sustainability and sound environmental management practice. The recent NAMI awards issued to the OSI facilities in Geneva and Fort Atkinson are a demonstration of that commitment now and in the future.

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Guilherme Paulus -An Influential Billionaire and Entrepreneur in the Brazilian Hotel and Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is one of the leading investors in the hotel and tourism sector in the economy of Brazil. He is the owner of the largest touring company in Latin America, the CVC Brasil Operadora. Mr. Paulus has been using his exceptional leadership in making the business a great success.Before venturing into the hotel industry, Paulus worked with the IBM as an intern. The net worth of CVC touring company currently stands at $6.35 billion. In 2009 the Carlyle group, a global investments company, bought a 63.6 percent stake in CVC.The stock exchange of Brazil also featured his investments fund in 2003. This high honor led many great investors to gain interest in being part of his working business. The company also realizes an estimated profit of about $5.2 billion every year. Guilherme Paulus masterminded the establishment of the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. The GJP has over 15 hotels and resorts which are spread across Brazil.


Besides his working career as a hotelier, Guilherme Paulus is a philanthropic individual. He makes excellent contributions to the PIET project. The project focuses on providing the scholarship program to the less privileged students. It also offers support to students who seek to pursue their career in the hotel and tourism industry. His business empire also works with other business in the sector including airlines. It has created many employment opportunities for individuals seeking to work in the hospitality industry.


The French government has recognized him as the most influential developer in France. He has received several awards from the government of Brazil such as The Personality of The Year award. The Forbes has listed him as one of the most influential Billionaires in the world.

More Information

Being a futuristic entrepreneur, Paulus works to establish 100 stores every year. Guilherme Paulus seeks to develop his stores in areas whose population density is small. This is to enable him to attract a different type of market. The Omni Channel concept has also partnered with his business. The aim for this partnership is to combine the physical stores with the online sales.


How Ryan Seacrest Juggles His Many Businesses

They say that women are the best at multi-tasking but at the age of forty-three, former American Idol show host, Ryan Seacrest proves everyone wrong. Ryan juggles more than three jobs comfortably, and at the same time has a social life, something that most people in similar roles as his, can only dream or think about.

His day starts with a shower and shave at six in the morning. After this, he applies a moisturizer on his face and puts on what he refers to as his uniform, which comprises of a pair of sweatpants, a zip-up hoodie, a Tee and Uggs. After this, he gets ready to hit the gym by taking a cup of matcha tea and a cup of coffee and then later, watches the overnight news and a bit of television before hitting the road. Fortunately for him, he lives on the Upper East Side which means no traffic, and he is only seven minutes away from his office, so his daily commute is stress-free.

What The Rest Of The Day Looks Like

When he gets to his office, Ryan immediately begins working, and for the first half of the day, phone calls, interviews, inquiries, and other long-term things are kept on hold. He reveals that earlier, it was not always easy, and it took some training to learn not to be handling each question or issue immediately unless it was an emergency.

What We Don’t Know About Ryan Seacrest

Even though he is mostly vegan, Ryan Seacrest revealed that he is a massive foodie and a wine lover. His schedule also doesn’t allow him to indulge in food eating sprees in between weekdays, but he usually takes on food adventures on Fridays and Saturday with his family. Ryan has an attention deficit disorder, and as such, he had to train to keep his phone away in a bid to get things done. He usually locks his phone in a safe while he is on a trip, so he can focus on what took him there. Ryan talks about his weight loss struggle here.

Currently, Ryan is hosting a morning TV show known as Live with Kelly Ripa. Besides TV, he has also hosted a series of many other TV and radio shows such as On air with Ryan, Live with Kelly and Ryan among many others. Ryan is also the force behind the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which continuously comes up with entertainment and educative based initiatives for the youth. He additionally owns an apparel line known as Ryan Seacrest distinction and an anti-aging skincare company known as Polish.

Learn more: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Relationship with Trump and DAMAC’s Success

From President Trump’s closest friends and people who admire him, one individual stands out, from the time Donald Trump used to work in the real estate industry, and that is Hussain Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani is very famous in Dubai, Emirate Arab. There, he was one of the most successful real estate developers of the country, and, for that matter, one of the wealthiest real estate developers in the world.

The real estate industry of Dubai was extremely advantageous when Hussain Sajwani began working as a real estate developer when he created his company, DAMAC Properties. Being a friend of President Donald Trump, the two had already made deals in their business relationship before, but they were also close friends and their families as well.

Hussain is the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. His company’s name has appeared in Forbes’ list of the “Global 2000,” an article listing all of the fastest-rising companies in the world that have a lot of potential to become juggernauts of their respective industries. DAMAC Properties is already one of the most successful real estate development corporations in the world, but they have continued to expand and grow since the golden era of Dubai’s real estate.

Hussain Sajwani lives in Dubai, but he sometimes travels to the United States, as he did when Trump was still not the President of the United States and was disputing the role with Hillary Clinton.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is a close friend of Trump’s children as well, and Trump’s oldest daughter has already traveled to meet Hussain’s wife, as they are close friends and like visiting each other from time to time.

Hussain’s company has already spread across the Emirate Arab and has more than 2,000 employees.

The corporation focuses primarily on high-end buildings and properties, luxurious hotels and five-stars buildings. Hussain’s business focuses on the highest-quality properties that are being developed, and DAMAC Properties own some of the most magnificent hotels and resorts in the city.

Hussain and Trump have continued to stay in touch with each other, and Hussain has stated that he looks forward to meeting the U.S. President again in the future.

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How Victoria Doramus Became Victorious

There is a myriad of options today when it comes to print and digital, but Victoria Doramus can do it all. Focused on living a creative life, her background is impressive. Her greatest strengths are media, advertising, branding, and communication. The heart of her work is always looking for a fresh and new way of doing things. How did she learn to do so many things so well?

Victoria Doramus attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. She graduated with a degree both in journalism as well as mass communication. Her long history of work experience is also impressive, coming alongside her impressive resume. Some of her best work includes working with companies like Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Trendera, and even Creative Arts Agency.

While her work with those companies was primarily in branding and advertising, she also spent time working in the TV and film industry. One of her endeavors that aided her in getting good publicity, was her working relationship with Peter Berg, working as his personal assistant. What did this have to do with her creative abilities? As you can imagine, TV and film present a plethora of opportunities, but her creative abilities helped her to enhance her marketing skills as well as trend analysis.

Her professional life isn’t all she is focused on these days. Victoria Doramus is just as interested in her philanthropic efforts. She works with numerous charitable foundations including the Women’s Prison Association, Room to Read, and a few others. Her primary goal is to help others, and she aims to do this on a professional level, as well as personal level every single day.

Recently in an interview, Victoria Doramus was asked about what trend excites her most. The greatest trend that catches her eye is the “bring your own data” campaign. If you guesses that she’s tracking her own vitals, you guessed right! Victoria says that using apps that track her steps, heart rate, and even her food choices helps her to make sound health decisions for her mind and body.

Source: http://blogwebpedia.com/victoria-doramus-consumer-trends-expert-and-creative-marketer.html

Ted Bauman Offers Expert Investment Advice Related To A Possible Bear Market

Ted Bauman is a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing who has 20 years of experience dealing with the financial industry and investing. While many investors continue to rave about the current bull market, he is taking a more measured approach and is warning investors to protect their assets. Ted Bauman believes it is a coin toss up as to whether the market will become bearish or not and feels that if it does, it will probably sink lower than it has before. He feels that one of the best qualities that a long-term investor can have is to be cautious and to pay attention to writing on the wall.

Ted Bauman has served Banyan Hill since 2013 and is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He has been warning investors that rules-based selling could be the cause of a surprise stock market crash. The strategy is based on computer software most of the time, and he sees a new potential Black Monday on the way. This kind of event could cause investors to panic sell as stocks drop. Other investors, who are a bit more educated, might be able to profit by hanging onto their investments during a crash. After stock market crashes, investments almost always return to the levels they were previously at and continue to go higher.

Ted Bauman always suggests that investors take a balanced stance in the stock market. He is sure that this is the best way to survive its ups and downs. He has recommended that investors consider creating a wall of protection around their portfolios by investing in, both, stocks and bonds. He has indicated that bonds are less risky than many stocks, and has commented that bond investors stay calm while others are panicking during a bear market. While bonds are a more conservative kind of investment that won’t give investors a chance at a huge gain, all at once, they are the kind of investment that protects a portfolio from the kind of disaster that can happen during a bear market. If an investor wants to try both, Bauman has suggested that it is very possible they will come out on top.

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Steve Ritchie – New Papa Johns CEO Stresses the Importance of Listening

Effective leaders know that listening to their people can often lay the groundwork for success. As Papa John’s new CEO, Steve Richie has spent a great deal of time traveling around the country and meeting employees and franchises. He believes that people are always the most important element of any company’s success formula. Meeting people enables the new CEO to understand what people feel and need to enhance their performance. He calls these visits his “listening tour.”

His tour has taken him to Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The people who run Papa John’s restaurants are the force that enables the company to exist. Many franchise owners treat their teams as family members. The new CEO’s main goal is to bring back any trust the company may have lost. As such, many of the conversations Steve Ritchie Papa John’s engages in are difficult. However, everyone has a lot of shared optimism for the company’s fresh new start and approach.

Steve Ritchie notes that everyone is totally committed to moving the company forward. Everyone realizes the company is larger than any one person. From those who manage stores and drive deliveries to those who make pizzas, Papa John’s is all about team work. Each person working for the company represents the community in which they live.

As per bloomberg, the new CEO knows that if everyone stays committed the company will only grow.

Moving forward means acknowledging mistakes that may have occurred in the past. This is why Steve Richie places such emphasis on listening to what people have to say. Sometimes feedback can be difficult to hear, but it is necessary to build a company that everyone can trust. Change is often a challenge. It takes committed people at every level of a company to make change happen. It looks like Steve Richie arrived at just the right time. It looks like Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) has a bright future ahead.

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Dr. Jennifer Wallden Is A Devoted Mother

Many women aim to combine motherhood and their ability to give back to the community and hold down a job. They love being able to inspire the next generation. One doctor who has shown her own boys that it is possible to become a medical professional and a great parent is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a native of Austin, Texas. Here she had a wonderful girlhood with her loving parents. After she left in order to further her career and become one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons, she still yearned for the place that made her so happy when she was growing up. She wanted to return to her family and raise a family of her own. She wanted her own kids to reconnect with her roots and to discover what it means to be a born and bred Texan. It’s no wonder that she’s come back to this thriving community where she remains an important part of the medical scene and a doctor with an impressive regional practice.

In doing so, she’s brought her twin boys along for the ride. As she loves to show off on her Instagram feed, she wants her own sons to appreciate where she learned to become a doctor. She’s shown them that they can also become doctors just as she did. In her Instagram account, it’s evident that she’s very much a hands on mom who takes lots of time to be with her boys as they grow up. She wants them to be part of this safe and secure community where all those who want to combine family and a profession can find a place to live and love. Her actions over the years have demonstrated that she understands the concerns of her fellow working women and wants to help them look and feel good as they work so closely with the upcoming generation in front of them. Her own parenting style is about bringing the best possible educational opportunities to her boys. Just as she’s done in the past, she wants the next generation to love science.

Doctor Saad Saad’s Advice on Helpful Children

Doctor Saad Saad is a U. S. Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon whose specialty is in the area of removing stuck foreign objects from the food pipe or windpipe of children, thousands of whom were helped by Dr. Saad Saad in his career. Doctor Saad Saad has seen a large variety of foreign objects block a child’s food pipe or windpipe. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad and https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/175114/Dr-Saad+A.-Saad-EATONTOWN-NJ.html

These foreign objects include coins, lockets, hotdogs, peanut, and battery. Most of the time, the swallowed foreign object will pass through the child’s body uneventfully. However, there are times when the swallowed object gets stuck in either the trachea or esophagus, with the following indications being exhibited by the child: trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, and wheezing.

In such a case, Doctor Saad Saad’s advice is to turn the child upside down holding him/her by the legs and tapping on the child’s back where the child is age 6 or less. Often, but not always, the foreign object will pop out from the performance of this maneuver. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Conversely, Doctor Saad Saad’s advice is to perform the Heimlich maneuver where the child is older than the age of 6. In the event that these maneuvers do not work to eject the foreign object, the child must be taken to the hospital. Doctor Saad Saad advises against any attempt to scoop out the foreign object by hand or an inanimate agency, because the foreign object is very likely to get pushed further down.

Doctor Saad Saad makes the claim that two of the most dangerous foreign objects a child can swallow are battery and peanuts. This claim rest on the fact that batteries can leak the acid contained inside of it, and peanuts that are stuck in trachea can expand when soaked by the fluids found therein, which causes further blockage.

Further, any attempt to use a tweezer to grab a hold of the peanuts is very likely to cause it to become fragmented resulting in its scattering throughout the lungs. Doctor Saad Saad advises against letting children younger than 2 years of age have hot dogs, which are the perfect size to block the trachea thoroughly and letting children younger than 7 years of age have peanuts.

Dr. Saad Saad was born in the country of Palestine, but at some point in his early years, he became a Palestinian refugee as a consequence of the creation of the country of Israel.

Dr. Saad Saad and his family relocated to Kuwait. Dr. Saad Saad is a holder of a medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt. He impressive resume includes being the personal pediatric surgeon to the Saudi Royal Family’s back in the 1980s and the co-director and surgeon-in-chief of K Hovnanian Children Hospital prior to retiring.

Whitney Wolfe Founder of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, a tech startup and social media platform. The company is a female-friendly business that currently employs over 60 people. Bumble’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. Bumble is used by over 35 million users worldwide. It is already available for use in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many parts of Latin America. Whitney Wolfe is planning on expanding the online platform to India sometime in the near future.

The social media app has recently added more features in order to give users different options to connect with others. Bumble BFF has a new feature that allows people to connect with friends and Bumble Buzz allows people to connect with others in a more professional setting. The company has also created an additional option called Bumble Fund as a way to invest in businesses that are owned by women. Visit fortune.com to know more about Whitney Wolfe.
Whitney Wolfe is a strong advocate for women’s rights. She has spoken out about the double standards in business about how it is expected for men who are in charge to be assertive, while women are criticized for displaying the same behaviors. Before starting Bumble, Whitney was working for the Tinder, a dating app company. After she was fired, Wolfe sued the company for sexual harassment. This resulted in a one million dollar settlement between her and the company.

Whitney Wolfe has admitted to having thoughts of anxiety about her business. She sometimes works 12 hour days before coming home to cook. She enjoys the freedom of owning a business and wants to make sure that other women have the opportunity to succeed in the corporate world.

Along with taking over the online space, Bumble has also started expansion into the beauty industry. The company is working on developing its own skin serums and products under a brand called Bumble Beauty. It is preparing to release a set of new facial products sometime near the end of 2019.

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