How Ryan Seacrest Juggles His Many Businesses

They say that women are the best at multi-tasking but at the age of forty-three, former American Idol show host, Ryan Seacrest proves everyone wrong. Ryan juggles more than three jobs comfortably, and at the same time has a social life, something that most people in similar roles as his, can only dream or think about.

His day starts with a shower and shave at six in the morning. After this, he applies a moisturizer on his face and puts on what he refers to as his uniform, which comprises of a pair of sweatpants, a zip-up hoodie, a Tee and Uggs. After this, he gets ready to hit the gym by taking a cup of matcha tea and a cup of coffee and then later, watches the overnight news and a bit of television before hitting the road. Fortunately for him, he lives on the Upper East Side which means no traffic, and he is only seven minutes away from his office, so his daily commute is stress-free.

What The Rest Of The Day Looks Like

When he gets to his office, Ryan immediately begins working, and for the first half of the day, phone calls, interviews, inquiries, and other long-term things are kept on hold. He reveals that earlier, it was not always easy, and it took some training to learn not to be handling each question or issue immediately unless it was an emergency.

What We Don’t Know About Ryan Seacrest

Even though he is mostly vegan, Ryan Seacrest revealed that he is a massive foodie and a wine lover. His schedule also doesn’t allow him to indulge in food eating sprees in between weekdays, but he usually takes on food adventures on Fridays and Saturday with his family. Ryan has an attention deficit disorder, and as such, he had to train to keep his phone away in a bid to get things done. He usually locks his phone in a safe while he is on a trip, so he can focus on what took him there. Ryan talks about his weight loss struggle here.

Currently, Ryan is hosting a morning TV show known as Live with Kelly Ripa. Besides TV, he has also hosted a series of many other TV and radio shows such as On air with Ryan, Live with Kelly and Ryan among many others. Ryan is also the force behind the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which continuously comes up with entertainment and educative based initiatives for the youth. He additionally owns an apparel line known as Ryan Seacrest distinction and an anti-aging skincare company known as Polish.

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