Guilherme Paulus -An Influential Billionaire and Entrepreneur in the Brazilian Hotel and Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is one of the leading investors in the hotel and tourism sector in the economy of Brazil. He is the owner of the largest touring company in Latin America, the CVC Brasil Operadora. Mr. Paulus has been using his exceptional leadership in making the business a great success.Before venturing into the hotel industry, Paulus worked with the IBM as an intern. The net worth of CVC touring company currently stands at $6.35 billion. In 2009 the Carlyle group, a global investments company, bought a 63.6 percent stake in CVC.The stock exchange of Brazil also featured his investments fund in 2003. This high honor led many great investors to gain interest in being part of his working business. The company also realizes an estimated profit of about $5.2 billion every year. Guilherme Paulus masterminded the establishment of the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. The GJP has over 15 hotels and resorts which are spread across Brazil.


Besides his working career as a hotelier, Guilherme Paulus is a philanthropic individual. He makes excellent contributions to the PIET project. The project focuses on providing the scholarship program to the less privileged students. It also offers support to students who seek to pursue their career in the hotel and tourism industry. His business empire also works with other business in the sector including airlines. It has created many employment opportunities for individuals seeking to work in the hospitality industry.


The French government has recognized him as the most influential developer in France. He has received several awards from the government of Brazil such as The Personality of The Year award. The Forbes has listed him as one of the most influential Billionaires in the world.

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Being a futuristic entrepreneur, Paulus works to establish 100 stores every year. Guilherme Paulus seeks to develop his stores in areas whose population density is small. This is to enable him to attract a different type of market. The Omni Channel concept has also partnered with his business. The aim for this partnership is to combine the physical stores with the online sales.


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