The RealReal Makes for One Exciting Instagram Feed

Whether or not you are in the market for luxury resale items, the pictures posted on The RealReal Instagram page is the best window shopping around. Designer bags, jewelry, and shoes, are top items featured. Would you like the blue crystal studded Balenciaga or the delicate pink Gucci heels featured on Instagram this week? The Celine shoes are displayed more as an art piece as well as thigh-high money-print boots. The pictures are just as breathtaking as the items themselves.

You know when you purchase from this consignment store you are investing in a designer piece, but when the goods are featured on The RealReal the item is guaranteed 100% authentic. So that adorable Burberry tote with the hint of rainbow plaid would never cross your mind as possibly being a fake. The RealReal Instagram feed is relaxing, yet gets you excited at the same time. So many designer goods, all authenticated and at fantastic prices. How do they do it?

This San Francisco-based company prides itself on meticulously examining every designer item, proving it’s authenticity, before allowing the site to sell it. This method has created a following of loyal, trusting clients who can buy with confidence, knowing that exact Chanel purse will arrive as shown on their Instagram feed.

What makes The RealReal different is they warehouse all the luxury goods for sale. They are not just a company that hosts a website for other sellers to post to. By taking control of the inventory they can assure once authenticated, no item can be switched out for a fake. The sheer array of designer goods that come in keeps the staff working diligently. With most items selling within 30 days, there is always something new to show its customers.

Following The RealReal on Instagram will also keep you updated on store openings so the next time you are in Los Angeles, you can stop on by the recently opened West Hollywood location and window shop in person.