How Sheldon Lavin Fulfilled His Dream Of Being A Leader In The Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman who studied finance while in college. He decided early on that he wanted to build a company in the food industry so that he could contribute to what people eat on a daily basis. He started out as a financial consultant where he helped companies in the food industry getting funding in order to effectively compete. He says he was nervous when he first started out, unsure of his abilities, but once he started finding success he became much more confident.

He says the “big break” for him occurred when a company, Otto & Sons, signed a contract with him. Sheldon Lavin says that this was a small food company that needed to raise capital in order to expand their operations. He saw a lot of potential in this company and his suspicions were proven right when Otto & Sons went from being a business operating just in Illinois to being one selling food to clients across the United States.

Sheldon Lavin played a big role in Otto & Sons national expansion. The owners of this company were so impressed by business skills that they asked if he would like to become a partner of it. He accepted the offer and started fulfilling his dream of running a food company when he was installed as the chairman of the board and chief executive officer. His company, now called OSI Group, is now international in scope with operations throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and in the country of South Africa.

In addition to growing OSI Group into an international firm Sheldon Lavin has also greatly expanded the number of customers it has as well as the types of food this company sells. When he started out this company’s main customer was McDonald’s. They now provide the food that is sold in many other restaurants around the world such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Similarly, in the 1970s OSI Group just processed beef. They now process pork, seafood, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. They also create value-added food products such as pizzas, calzones, crepes, and burritos.

Stream Energy Cares

Not too long-ago Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston area with a vengeance and brought an enormous amount of rain. Numerous areas were flooded and there were people who lost their homes and their lives. Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step up and fund the effort to rebuild the community. The company has built a positive image through corporate philanthropy. Employees and company leaders of Stream Energy have helped to drive local giving in the community Stream Energy recently started a new charity foundation called “Stream Cares”. The advantages that this philanthropic effort should offer the company are that the company gives back to the community and earns greater respect from potential clients and the public.

Many times, corporations that give charity typically make it a highly publicized event. It can be to an advantage when the company faces a possible scandalous event, when profits decline, and when a company faces financial pressures and is forced to lay off workers. When viewing numbers, corporate America is extremely generous. It is estimated that businesses have over $19 billion to Charities across the nation in 2016.

Stream uses a simplistic business approach. They pay their associates to build a large base of loyal clients and deliver a vast array of services and products. Stream associates can potentially earn commissions from their sales It is the associates who often pick causes to support that they feel passionate about. One thing that is extremely important to the members of Stream Energy is homelessness. The company and its employees typically monitor the homeless rate in the Dallas area. Stream partners with Hope Supply company and covered the meal costs for over a thousand homeless children at an annual event “Splash for Hope”. In this event, employees donate money and supplies and bring the children to a local water park.

A strategy that has worked for Nick Vertucci.

Nick Vertucci released his first book recently. Titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In this book, he recaps a number of lessons he has learned I his li8fe especially since he went into Real Estate. Today, as an accomplished real estate investor who currently runs the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He has been able to overcome various challenges and is today helping others achieve the same financial freedom he is enjoying. Over the years of working in Real Estate, he has been able to develop a working strategy that he employs today and has been able to achieve results.

This strategy can be simplified in his own terms as Get in, Get out, Get Paid. He breaks down this strategy as follows

Get In

Nick Vertucci identifies this as one of the most important steps. It is here that an investor makes certain decisions regarding what type of property to acquire and at what price. It is paramount that an investor does a lot of research in this stage.

Get Out

In this step, Nick Vertucci advocates that the investor works on improving the property. This can be done through rehabilitation and in other improvements. A property’s aesthetic value is as important as any other quality as it’s the first thing any potential buyer notices. As you work on improvements, it is important that you work within your set budget to ensure it does not become overly expensive and end up driving the price of the home to unmanageable levels. The property is then listed either to rent or for sale. Ensuring that there is sufficient marketing to reach the target audience

Get Paid

This is usually the best part of the deal. Once the purchase has been completed the investor ensures that all legal requirements are met and as such is free to indulge in the profits.

Just Who Is Sahm Adrangi

There are truly some remarkable people in today’s society. Just about every field work has individuals who thrive under pressure, and the short selling industry is no exception to the rule. This is where Sahm Adrangi comes into the frame, and he’s a top hedge fund manager in the city of New York. This man has a firm understanding of investment banking as well as a firm understanding in online fraud. Thanks to this knowledge, he has built a successful company that seeks out online fraudulent activity. This company is known as Kerrisdale Capital, and it manages up to $180 million in assets.


Sahm Adrangi was noted to be a key speaker at “The Art, Pain and Opportunity of Short Selling Conference” a few months ago. This exclusive event was hosted by the affluent New York Athletic Club. Short selling is basically the selling of securities and other financial instruments. This is one big meeting of Wall Street investors who get together and discuss what’s happening in the industry. This particular industry has been experiencing many changes within the environment and this conference definitely helps to address the changes in a progressive way. Whitney Tilson, a highly accomplished investor, partook as one of the event’s hosts. This man is the author of the books “How the World’s Best Investors Beat the Market,” as well as “The Art of Value Investing.” Who’s better to be a guest speaker than Sahm Adrangi? This particular man has transformed a $1 million dollar startup company into a global enterprise that manages well-over $150 million in assets.


Shorting fraudulent companies is another specialty of Sahm Adrangi. He has played a big role in crashing the parties for ad fraud businesses as well as multi-level marketing schemes. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what this man has achieved, but you should have a much better perception of who this man truly is.

Robert Deignan Is A Technology Professional With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Robert Deignan has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and found success early on in his life. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended Purdue University between 1992-1995 where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership. He studied at the university of a full football scholarship and played for a brief time with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets during 1997 and 1998. One of his earliest entrepreneurial ventures was Fanlink, Inc. of which he was the founder, and he started that company up in 1998. He also served with iS3 Inc. for 9 years and became the company’s Executive Vice President.

Robert Deignan’s most recent venture is with ATS Digital Services where he is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. ATS is a digital support company that works with consumers on an international basis to help them solve their tech issues, and Deignan has been working with the company since its inception in 2011. The company works with its customers remotely, and this means they can solve problems quickly and efficiently without many of their customers ever having to leave their homes or businesses to do so.

Rpbert Deignan has found that he comes up with a lot of his ideas while he is enjoying nature in the outdoors. He takes part in many different sporting competitions, at times, and just simply enjoys being in nature at others. It is during those times when he is disconnected from technology that he has come up with some of his best ideas. He jots down those ideas and then elaborates on them when he works on his computer again. If the idea still looks like a good one, he will get to work digging into it deeper and talking to his business partners. This gives him a different kind of perspective, and if, after talking with them, the idea still looks good, they get to work with the implementation of whatever it is. Today, Robert Deignan calls the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area his home, and he loves to spend time with his wife and son when he can.