Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Talks About His Career And Daily Schedule

Tech industry entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky recently conducted an interview with A Drink With. He is a co-founder of the deals website Groupon and is its chairman of the board. He also co-founded Tempus, Inc., and is the CEO, which is a company that provides an operating system that doctors can use to more effectively treat cancer through the use of technology. His company provides doctors with genomic sequencing services which allows them to more effectively treat patients using data, removing a lot of the guesswork they formerly had to do.

During this interview Eric Lefkofsky said that he gets up each workday at 5:00 am and gets to his office an hour later. He will take a break in the morning to get his workout in but, otherwise, he pretty much works nonstop all day. He will spend less than 15 minutes eating lunch and leaves his office around 6:00 to 6:30 in the early evening.

He says that he used to be able to stop thinking about work when the day was done. That has gotten harder for him in recent years as he is in leadership positions with a few companies. As he points out Groupon alone has 11,000 people working for it who work in 48 countries around the world. There is always something going on somewhere so he has to check his emails anymore even when he isn’t in the office.

Eric Lefkofsky says that he and his various business partners have had their hand in around 60 or 70 companies. He used to really enjoy keeping track of all that and doing his part to make these companies successful. He said that he took a vacation with his family to Asia and they spent two months visiting different countries. When he returned to his position as the CEO of Groupon and he says he decided to really focus on just that one company for a few years. He is now mostly focused on making Tempus a success and providing the tools that doctors need to successfully treat cancer patients.