Chris Burch Believes That Today’s Consumers Are Looking Past The Brand

Chris Burch is the entrepreneur behind the firm known as Burch Creative Capital. He has been involved in many different business ventures for years and the fashion industry has been a major part of his work. It was three years ago that Chris Burch closed down his fashion company C. Wonder but he has continued to stay busy during that time. One thing that Chris Burch has been involved in is his fifty-five percent ownership stake in the company Solid and Striped. This is a popular swimwear line. Chris Burch has also teamed up with tv host Ellen Degeneres to create the ED fashion line.

Chris Burch hasn’t limited himself strictly to the fashion industry, regardless of the fact that it might be his favorite overall business. The types of other ventures that Chris Burch is currently involved in range from the healthcare industry to the travel industry. Chris Burch has been particularly excited about the number of companies in the first to the market niche.

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Chris Burch really does believe that this is an era that is full of copycats in the business world. This is all at the same time that straight to the consumer marketing campaigns are prevalent as well. This is an age in which digital marketing is everywhere but at the same time, the concept of actual brand loyalty seems to be completely disappearing. Chris Burch also points out that today’s consumers are looking for an overall experience, see related news here on ( This is exactly the reasons that the Chris Burch resort Nihi is so successful. The Indonesian resort has been called the world’s best because it represents something truly unique and adventurous to the consumer. This particular business niche has become so successful for Chris Burch that he is planning on opening more resorts in the very near future.



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Aerial shot of nihi oka, @nihiwatu’s off site spa experience. #nihigram

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