Betsy DeVos Makes Life Better for Children

In many ways, Betsy DeVos is responsible for the availability of charter schools and other opportunities for poor children. She worked to make sure that things were able to be normal for these children and that they had the same type of opportunities as those who did not have the same economic problems that were associated with different living situations. Betsy DeVos is to thank for things like private school vouchers and even charter schools. She has worked hard through her charity and with her family to allow all kids, even poor ones, have the same type of educational opportunities. It is something that she is passionate about and something that she has been able to do for many years. Starting in 1993, she was able to start the opportunities that children around the country now have and are now able to get the most out of while they are avoiding the broken public school system.

Betsy and Dick, her husband, created the foundation that now helps thousands of children and poor families who are not able to afford private education. They did so many things for children that they were able to create a foundation that helped them to get what they needed out of the educational system. Betsy and Dick knew that it was important for children to have a good education and for parents to have a choice in education so they used their foundation to make that a possibility. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

There were many times when they worked together on projects but there were even more times when they came together as a family to make the opportunities a possibility. It was something that they were comfortable with and something that they encouraged the other family members to get involved with. Because of the way that they saw philanthropy, they worked hard to make a good education a possibility for everyone who was a citizen of the United States. They plan to take their foundation to other areas and to make sure that they are doing the right thing. They continue to do things the right way for children and families across the country.

Now that DeVos has been successful with philanthropy, she will continue to help people out as much as she possibly can. She feels like it is her duty to help people who do not have as many opportunities as her and to make their lives better. Despite the fact that most people struggle with major problems that come from economic situations, Betsy DeVos thinks that these are all things that can be overcome and can make their lives better no matter what they are doing. Education is the key to making life better for all of the people in America. Check this article from New York Post.