Fabletics Is Leader In Online Sales, Learn How

Everyone has already heard of one of the following brands: JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, but not everyone knows that they are part of the same genius team that is taking over the fashion e-commerce for the past few years.


Fabletics is the most interesting one of them, being a fitness apparel company that focuses on selling these fitness clothes through a very responsive and intuitive subscription program. They are using what is called the “Reverse Showroom Technique” to their advantage, something that they could be considered pioneers for implementing in the world of sales. Here’s how they do it, and why it’s a win-win situation for both the company and the customers:


Created by Kate Hudson, Fabletics has this membership advantage to them that led the team to realize that they wouldn’t even need a physical store in the beginning to start their business. The showroom technique allows Fabletics to use the search toolbar to their advantage. When competitors cry because their customers found the same products on another store but cheaper, Fabletics use the membership system to allow them to choose their items wherever they want to buy it, and it goes to their shopping cart anyway. This was a genius move by the marketing team of Fabletics that has allowed them to skyrocket in the e-commerce business.


Fabletics make their fan base believe that the Fabletics apparels are a high-value brand by offering clothes and accessories that are of high quality and in the price that the customer can find through their subscription. Another great move from the team: Because they had an online store way before they started investing in physical stores as well, the management team can know exactly what items are bestsellers in a particular area. This allows them to custom-make the sets available in the stores of = each region utilizing the data to favor what sells the most. Again, another win-win situation.


Reviews of Fabletics tend to focus on two unique benefits that the company offers to their customers that allow for practicality when shopping. The first mention is the “VIP” membership that lets users receive a set of two or three pieces at their home for a much smaller price than what they would pay for in the store.


The other benefit that is very spoken of is the wide variety of apparels that you can choose from to fit your distinct personality and style.


For anyone that is not familiar with the website, the team highly encourages you to take the Lifestyle Quiz test. This is a survey that allows you to know better what items would define your personality the best.