OSI Group Taking Over The Food Industry By Storm Through Innovative Leadership

At the heart of the food industry, lies a company whose name is worth a thousand mentions thanks to the enormous strides it has made in the said sector. Currently, a global conglomerate with 65 branches in seventeen countries and approximately 20,000 staff, OSI Group is the perfect example of a grass to grace story, and its current success explains best, the impacts of good leadership and management.OSI Group was established about a century ago by a mere immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky in Illinois, Chicago. It began as a small retail meat market serving the German immigrant community in Chicago but thanks to his innovative skills and a grand vision, within two years, Otto had managed to expand its scope and turned it into a wholesale meat business. This was followed by a series of changes and was even rebranded to Otto & Sons after his sons joined in the family business.

OSI Group success went at full throttle after going into a partnership with McDonald’s as its primary supplier for fresh meat. Since then OSI Group in conjunction with one of the most recognized global brands have gone on to make massive strides in the food industry with OSI opening a separate branch in a bid to keep up with the escalating demand of McDonald’s meat requirements. This turned it into one of McDonald’s leading meat suppliers and a stable supplier to other A-list companies in the food industry such as Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Yum and many others.Besides great leadership, OSI’s ability to keep up with the dynamic food industry has been made possible by its ability to embrace changes and keep up with technology. For instance, the company utilizes flash freezing, a form of technology which enables it to not only serve its consumer base diligently but also helps in cutting down the extra costs caused by traditional frost.

Today OSI dominates the global food arena and even ranks 58 on the Forbes list of the leading private companies and has branches in countries like Brazil, Poland, and Mexico just to mention a few. It continues to make massive strides through the acquisition of property in different countries and entering into partnerships with major players in the same sector. For instance, its recent procurement of Baho foods has enabled it to expand its horizons to Germany while its acquisition of Tyson foods has helped it to increase its production capacity thereby meeting and surpassing the expectation of its clients. All these milestones can be attributed to its ability to identify market gaps, incredible customer relations, embracing technology and on top of it all great leadership. Unlike most companies in the food industry, OSI’s walk to glory is unique in that the company’s management minds the wellbeing of others and that of Mother Nature a factor that has seen it bag a long string of awards and honors such as 2016’s globe of honor, the California green business award, and many others.

Lifeline Screening Is A Life Saver To Many People

Lifeline Screening is a company that provided medical screening for what might be ailing you. These are similar to the tests we would normally get at a hospital or a medical testing facility. They are not usually available at a doctor’s office.

Lifeline Screening offers discounted pricing compared to the costs experienced at most major medical facilities. Plus the cost of seeing a doctor to get referred to a testing facility has to be figured in as well.

There are three primary tests that are given, and the first test is the ultrasound. This is the same test as pregnant moms get to determine the sex of the baby. Sound waves are directed at the body of the individual which immediately illustrates the internal organs and arteries. Blood flow can be noted as well as any blockage of arteries. Bone density analysis can detect osteoporosis.

The second kind of test is the finger-stick blood test which checks a person’s cholesterol, both HDL and LDL, the good and the bad cholesterol. It also tests for glucose levels or blood sugar which helps to identify diabetes. Triglycerides are measured as are liver enzymes.

The third kind of test is the limited electrocardiograph. This tests for atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat. It is also called A-Fib and it can be quite dangerous as it will tend to throw off blood clots, which causes a stroke. A person’s doctor would want to be made aware of A-Fib as soon as possible.

These health screenings from Lifeline Screening are easy to perform for people and they all non-invasive. For people who cannot or will not see a doctor on a regular basis, Lifeline Screening can be a lifesaver. Many of the symptoms of some of our most dread diseases are not noticeable by the average person. Lifeline offers easy access to what is really going on inside of our bodies and the information is easily transmitted to our physician.