GreenSky is running a profitable business model

GreenSky has been compared to an online version of the LendingTree. It is running a new technology-driven way of doing business. Its main role is to offer point-of-sale services to customers through the merchants. They link the borrower to the lender. In this case, they link the customer to a bank willing to offer them a loan. This model of doing business has gained momentum in recent years with a high number of people opting for it due to the convenience involved in getting a loan. You do not have to worry about the endless paperwork that is generally needed in traditional banking. Through GreenSky, your loan will be processed in minutes, and you will be in a position to pay for the needed services. It is the merchant who applies for the loan on behalf of the client.

The model run by this fintech is gaining momentum very fast because it recognizes the needs of all the people. All the players involved in the transaction benefit from the fintech. The customer will get timely funds, the merchant will increase the sales, and the bank will get new clients. On its part, GreenSky will also benefit from the fees it charges to offer the services.

For the regional banks that work closely with the fintech, this is one of the best models they are happy with. The cost involved in getting customers independently is huge, and the number of borrowers tends to be low. With this technology, there is nothing they do. They sit pretty and wait for the orders to come. The fact that they are not involved in the search for clients makes them earn profits comfortably.

GreenSky has attracted the attention of top investor in the financial sector. The fact that they offer a win-win-win solution to the people is an indicator that there is a high likelihood that they will be performing well for a long time. The pace of growth is already wide with the fintech recording a 30 percent increase in loan volumes in 2017. It is expected that the volume will keep on rising in coming years.

Demand Of Copper, Says Matt Badiali Will Continue To Rise

Natural resource expert, Matt Badiali is ringing the bell on the purchase of Copper. With industry experts all saying demand exceeds supply, Matt Badiali, editor of the Real Wealth Strategist says the coming bull market shows all the key investment elements of a stable upward trend for copper.Since May 2017, the price of the industrial metal has risen by almost a third, and in the last two years, global copper consumption has steadily remained above supply. Two key demand drivers are the ongoing development of e-mobility and economic development, especially in China.

Electric Cars Driving Copper Demands

The proliferation of electric mobility is leading to a twofold increase in the worldwide copper demand, as pointed out by Matt Badiali. The expert geologist says by year 2030 the numbers will triple.Both in the batteries of electric vehicles, as well as their electric motors copper is used. According to the International Copper Association (ICA), tons of copper cabling may be installed in a single electric car.It is forecasted, says Matt Badiali, that the demand for electric vehicles will increase significantly in the next ten years due to better technology, the price gap with gasoline will continue to close and more charging stations will be available. According to Badiali , this increase will trigger a bigger demand for copper for electric cars and buses.

According to analysts, the global market for copper is about 24 million tons. In the future, electric vehicles may later account for six percent of global demand for copper. Currently, it’s only about one percent, but by 2029, says Badiali, there’s a good chance we’ll see about 20 million electric vehicles worldwide. And for electric buses, about 1235 pounds of copper are needed, depending on the size of the battery.For more than 20 years, Badiali has been sharing his investment expertise in natural resource opportunities. He alerts his subscribers in easy plain-talk to arising opportunities and market changes, and has the respect of industry peers.A graduate of Penn State and Florida Atlantic University, Matt Badiali is an experienced investor, and deal maker, as well as an popular editor who publishes his sought-after investment advice at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman Offers Expert Investment Advice Related To A Possible Bear Market

Ted Bauman is a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing who has 20 years of experience dealing with the financial industry and investing. While many investors continue to rave about the current bull market, he is taking a more measured approach and is warning investors to protect their assets. Ted Bauman believes it is a coin toss up as to whether the market will become bearish or not and feels that if it does, it will probably sink lower than it has before. He feels that one of the best qualities that a long-term investor can have is to be cautious and to pay attention to writing on the wall.

Ted Bauman has served Banyan Hill since 2013 and is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He has been warning investors that rules-based selling could be the cause of a surprise stock market crash. The strategy is based on computer software most of the time, and he sees a new potential Black Monday on the way. This kind of event could cause investors to panic sell as stocks drop. Other investors, who are a bit more educated, might be able to profit by hanging onto their investments during a crash. After stock market crashes, investments almost always return to the levels they were previously at and continue to go higher.

Ted Bauman always suggests that investors take a balanced stance in the stock market. He is sure that this is the best way to survive its ups and downs. He has recommended that investors consider creating a wall of protection around their portfolios by investing in, both, stocks and bonds. He has indicated that bonds are less risky than many stocks, and has commented that bond investors stay calm while others are panicking during a bear market. While bonds are a more conservative kind of investment that won’t give investors a chance at a huge gain, all at once, they are the kind of investment that protects a portfolio from the kind of disaster that can happen during a bear market. If an investor wants to try both, Bauman has suggested that it is very possible they will come out on top.

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Guilherme Paulus is a Successful International Entrepreneur Who also serves as the Founder and Chairman of CVC

About CVC

Guilherme is well known for being the founder of CVC; nevertheless, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari was the brains behind the formation of the idea. With that said, Guilherme and Carlos Vicente met while travelling on a ship. Carlos Vicente decided to open up to Paulus about his will to establish a tourist agency in Santo Andre where he resided. Unfortunately, Guilherme was residing in Sao Paulo back then, and he did not have the financial might to come up with such an organization at that time. Since Carlos Vicente was determined to make sure that his dream would become a reality, he brought forth a proposal that entailed Guilherme catering for the workforce and Carlos Vicente would in turn fund the investment.

Since Guilherme was interested in the deal that Carlos Vicente had presented, he took up the challenge. Eventually, they established a store that was close to a cinema. The place was convenient since the movement of people was high. Carlos and Guilherme were partners for four years. Afterwards, Guilherme Paulus decided to explore further business interests alone.

Additional Information

Guilherme Paulus is a well-organized person. He drafts a working schedule on a weekly basis, that way, he never operates in an organized manner. Additionally, Guilherme is also a technology enthusiast. With that said, he also admires the positive outcomes that have been brought forth by technology in the current society. Moreover, Guilherme is also a hotelier, and he serves at the GJP Resorts and Hotels as the chairman.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is in a better position to offer substantial advice to upcoming entrepreneurs. With that said, Guilherme advises his fellow entrepreneurs to work towards making their dreams a reality. Furthermore, it is advisable to be up to date regarding the various consumer trends.

As a successful entrepreneur, Guilherme can also share some insight on how to successfully run a business. In his case, he travels a lot since he is the founder as well as the chairman of the GJP. Moreover, Guilherme Paulus also interacts with the clients’ in the various hotels managed by GJP. By doing so, he becomes more conversant with the clients’ needs.

Stream Energy Cares

Not too long-ago Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston area with a vengeance and brought an enormous amount of rain. Numerous areas were flooded and there were people who lost their homes and their lives. Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step up and fund the effort to rebuild the community. The company has built a positive image through corporate philanthropy. Employees and company leaders of Stream Energy have helped to drive local giving in the community Stream Energy recently started a new charity foundation called “Stream Cares”. The advantages that this philanthropic effort should offer the company are that the company gives back to the community and earns greater respect from potential clients and the public.

Many times, corporations that give charity typically make it a highly publicized event. It can be to an advantage when the company faces a possible scandalous event, when profits decline, and when a company faces financial pressures and is forced to lay off workers. When viewing numbers, corporate America is extremely generous. It is estimated that businesses have over $19 billion to Charities across the nation in 2016.

Stream uses a simplistic business approach. They pay their associates to build a large base of loyal clients and deliver a vast array of services and products. Stream associates can potentially earn commissions from their sales It is the associates who often pick causes to support that they feel passionate about. One thing that is extremely important to the members of Stream Energy is homelessness. The company and its employees typically monitor the homeless rate in the Dallas area. Stream partners with Hope Supply company and covered the meal costs for over a thousand homeless children at an annual event “Splash for Hope”. In this event, employees donate money and supplies and bring the children to a local water park.

Adam Milstein Mission towards Promoting the Jewish people

Adam Milstein spent his life in both Israel and the United States of America. He discovered that offering the Jewish American an opportunity to visit their native land Israel would be among the most credible ways of bolstering their interest in the State of Israel. Milstein and his wife Gila has much love towards Israel and the Jewish people. They are the founders of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation is always set to offer help to various other organizations that are in the similar mission of protecting and promoting the Jewish Community and Israel. Some the organizations that these foundations help incorporate Birth Right, the primary objective of this organization is to provide the upcoming and future generations an opportunity to visit the State of Israel as well as other various similar initiatives.

Adam Milstein is behind the project that involves sending more than 1000 people for a tour to Israel. Milstein has trust and faith in that this mission will make the Jewish-Americans get a great connection to their native land of Israel. The tour offers them an opportunity to get acquainted with the tremendous history of Israel, the Israel cultural norms, and beliefs, as well as the famous Israel Monuments. This tour is meant to establish a connection between the Jewish Americans and their identity.

Adam Milstein has been proven to be highly involved in various organizations. He was featured in the highly competitive list of the top 200 most influential figures in the world of philanthropy in the whole world. Richtopia did this research in partnership with RISE. Richtopia is a London-based newsletter while RISE is a Social Media ranking system. Adam Milstein is the co-founder as well as the National Chairman of Israel-American Council, IAC. Milstein has been in the frontline in preservation and improvement of the connection between Israel and the United States of America. Through his endeavors, these two nations can now comfortably work together towards achieving the same goals. Some of these goals include the development of the world peace, traditions, and cultural norms preservation, as well as human right universal protection.