Logan Stout Leads IDLife To Partnership With Garmin

There are some really useful innovations coming out of Frisco, TX, lately, from a company called IDLife LLC. Garmin knows it too, and that’s why the wearable device giant has chosen to partnership with this up and coming company led by Logan Stout. In just a few days the IDLife website will start featuring Garmin’s line of vívo activity trackers and the Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale for their own customers. It is a symbiotic relationship which is sure to keep the health and wellness revolutions coming.

The Frisco company was founded in order to provide some of the highest quality vitamin and nutritional products which are customized to the individual needs. In order to help with this process, there is a program called the IDLife Experience which leads its followers to new levels of health with just three easy steps per day. There is one for each portion of the day, and that is all there is to transforming body and health.

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman even endorses it, and also it should be mentioned that there is a free assessment tool available on the site as well as a $35,000 contest that is running through August for the best IDLife Experience transformation. The Garmin partnership should be exciting for anyone who is using or starts using these products. CEO Logan Stout has been an entrepreneur all of his life, and he understands about staying fit due to his previous stint as a professional athlete. He is pushing his company forward so that they can help others around the world stay on a similar healthy lifestyle trajectory.

Logan Stout has also been a keynote speaker at many conventions, and he writes quite a bit to that end as well. On his website (here) such personal improvement opinions can be found under the “Stout Advice” section where he lays out the secrets for all to read. IDLife offers more than just great flavors in their nutritional supplements and mixes. There is also a rating score to assess each individual, and everything that is needed can be shipped right to the doorstep.

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