Graeme Holm Accepts Coveted AFR Award for Infinity Group

The Australian Financial Review has been publishing its list of most innovative companies for over 7 years. Taking up a spot on the list is a coveted achievement because the AFR is the only recognizable and respected financial publication that compiles a list of companies from both Australia and New Zealand. Every year, thousands of companies aspire to have a spot on the list but only 100 of them make it. This year, Graeme Holm’s mortgage broker, Infinity Group, has snagged a number 58 spot.

Holm and Infinity Group state that they are honored to accept this prestigious award, and they will continue to do hard work in order to help every day Australians take better control of their household finances, and hopefully achieve financial independence.

Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group with a specific goal in mind. That goal was to help educate Australians on how to correctly manage their finances and eventually become financially independent. Infinity Group not only lends house loans to its clients, but it also sets them up with a personal “financial fitness” coach, who takes a look at the client’s household finances and comes up with a plan to pay back the entire home loan in record time, all while saving money and effectively reducing debt. Infinity Group has become one of the most effective and widely recognized debt reduction companies in all of Australia, and Holm is very proud of this achievement.

One of the business aspects and policies that managed to get Infinity Group on the list was Holm’s client forward approach and his commitment to the customer. Infinity Group goes above and beyond to make sure that their clients succeed in achieving their goals. According to Holm, when the client succeeds, so does Infinity Group. In fact, they have an impressive 100% customer satisfaction rate, and their clients state that Infinity Group has gone above and beyond their expectations in at least one way or another, meaning that Infinity Group has helped every single one of their clients achieve at least one of their goals.

Holm’s idea to help his clients reduce debt by educating them on how to properly manage their finances stems from months and months of research. Holm states that after researching most of Australia’s debt he came up with a couple of common denominators for the problem. One of these common denominators is the lack of support that banks have towards their clients. They hand out money and then do not really expect to be paid back in full, but rather, as long as the client is making payments, they are not interested in anything else. Infinity Group differentiates from this approach because they want their clients to be able to pay back their loans. This way, Infinity Group gets their money back and the client is now debt free. Holm considered this a win-win situation and this is why he helps his clients achieve all of these debt reduction goals. Holm says that Ininfity Group wants to help all Australians become financially independent. Learn more:

Graeme Holm Accepts Prestigious Award For Infinity Group Australia