Stream Energy Cares

Not too long-ago Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston area with a vengeance and brought an enormous amount of rain. Numerous areas were flooded and there were people who lost their homes and their lives. Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step up and fund the effort to rebuild the community. The company has built a positive image through corporate philanthropy. Employees and company leaders of Stream Energy have helped to drive local giving in the community Stream Energy recently started a new charity foundation called “Stream Cares”. The advantages that this philanthropic effort should offer the company are that the company gives back to the community and earns greater respect from potential clients and the public.

Many times, corporations that give charity typically make it a highly publicized event. It can be to an advantage when the company faces a possible scandalous event, when profits decline, and when a company faces financial pressures and is forced to lay off workers. When viewing numbers, corporate America is extremely generous. It is estimated that businesses have over $19 billion to Charities across the nation in 2016.

Stream uses a simplistic business approach. They pay their associates to build a large base of loyal clients and deliver a vast array of services and products. Stream associates can potentially earn commissions from their sales It is the associates who often pick causes to support that they feel passionate about. One thing that is extremely important to the members of Stream Energy is homelessness. The company and its employees typically monitor the homeless rate in the Dallas area. Stream partners with Hope Supply company and covered the meal costs for over a thousand homeless children at an annual event “Splash for Hope”. In this event, employees donate money and supplies and bring the children to a local water park.

Dr. Scott Rocklage Is Working For Cures Through Investing

Expansion Therapeutics is a company working to find a cure for Myotonic dystrophy type 1 also called DM 1. To aid in their search for a cure, Expansion Therapeutics is working to obtain financing. 5AM Ventures, which is headed by Scott Rocklage, is one of the major venture capital firms contributing to Expansion Therapeutics’ efforts. 5AM Ventures, working alongside several other groups, has helped raise over $55 million to help Expansion Therapeutics with its DM 1 research.


DM 1 occurs when RNA molecules are converted into proteins. The RNA levels in some people can reach a state where the muscles and the internal organs are seriously affected. DM 1 is a congenital condition, and it has been known to affect many members of the same family line.


Scott Rocklage has helped to bring a research team on board to aid Expansion Therapeutics in its quest to cure DM 1. Leading the research team will be Dr. Matthew D. Disney. He has been working on a cure for DM 1 for over the past 12 years.


Through his investment firm 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage is able to provide investment capital and management assistance to those working in various areas of medical research. Dr. Rocklage has provided the leadership needed to bring three drugs from the testing phase through FDA approval.


In addition to his work at 5AM Ventures, Dr. Rocklage has served as both chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He was also executive chairman of Semprus and Miikana. Scott Rocklage holds 30 patents for products for which he either invented or helped to invent.


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CEO Tony Petrello Of Narbos Industries Encourages Employees To Participate In Community Projects

In August 2017, Houston was hit by a devastating Hurricane that costs the city a lot more than just money. People were displaced and lost their homes, and there was a lot of devastation that hit the area. Companies and organizations from all over the country came forward to support the city of Houston and its people, and one such company that extended a helping hand during this period was Nabors Industries.

For Nabors Industries, Hurricane Harvey hit a little too close to home. Since the companies main base of operations in the city of Houston, the hurricane hit them more than they would expect. The company had to stall all of their operations because of the damage that was sustained. Moreover, many members of their task force were also affected by this and ended up having to skip work to tend to the basic needs of them and their families. More people than ever were displaced, which is why the company knew that it was their duty to do something, not just for its employees, but for the benefit of Houston as a whole.


One of the first things that the company did was encourage people to partake in community projects to help the affected. Nabors teamed up with several organizations to be able to help people who were affected by the Hurricane and urged its employees to participate in them as well. The CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello has always tried to advocate how important giving back to the community is for the company. To further encourage people to participate in these activities, the company granted a special paid leave to its employees who wanted to carry out community projects. A lot of the employees previously opted to stay at work, even if they wanted to help the community for the need of funds to support their families during this time of natural disasters. However, this allowed everyone in the company to participate in projects that were aiding the community during this crisis.

Tony Petrello, the CEO of the company has been a major part of the projects that the company has taken on, and is also one of the main reasons why the company embarked on so many charitable ventures.

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Geoge Soros: Successful Investor and Philanthropist

Hungarian-American, George Soros, is famously known for his business investments and philanthropist efforts as well as democratic-party donations. His fundings have supported individuals and organizations who share the same views on fighting for freedom of expression, transparency, accountable government, and societies that promote justice and equality. Learn more about his profile at

In 1970, Soros launched a hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, starting his journey to become one of the most successful investors in the United States. Later in 1979 he began his philanthropy by giving scholarships to black South Africans under the segragation and discrimination taking place during this time. He then decided he had enough money to begin The Open Society Foundations, a humanitarian effort supporting democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries while also helping with transitions from communism. Soros expanded his Philanthropy after the cold war, helping start America’s medical marijuana movement and becoming a vocal backer of same-sex marriage. His causes have changed over time but his ideals for an open society never shifted.

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Not only does George Soros make good decisions with his money, he is also a best-selling author. His fourteen books share personal approaches on investing and business and offer his perspectives on politics, economics, globalization, philanthropy, and open societies. One of George Soros’ pieces of work, titled The Bubble of American Supremacy, combines economic trends with his passionate advocacy for open societies and decency in world politics.

Continuing to make liberal policies a priority, Soros bands with donors to resist the newly elected president, Donald Trump, and his disastrous agenda. Together, they make claims that Trump’s plans relentlessly attack our communities. Recently, George Soros has made headlines for contributing millions to organizations, like the People’s Climate March, who support resistance against Trump’s efforts. He was also big news for committing more than $25 million dollars to boost Hillary Clinton and other democratic candidates. The eighty-six year old, with a net worth of 25.2 billion U.S dollars, has given no indications of lowering his generosity to the left-wing ideologies anytime soon. Read this article at Washington Times.

Betsy DeVos Makes Life Better for Children

In many ways, Betsy DeVos is responsible for the availability of charter schools and other opportunities for poor children. She worked to make sure that things were able to be normal for these children and that they had the same type of opportunities as those who did not have the same economic problems that were associated with different living situations. Betsy DeVos is to thank for things like private school vouchers and even charter schools. She has worked hard through her charity and with her family to allow all kids, even poor ones, have the same type of educational opportunities. It is something that she is passionate about and something that she has been able to do for many years. Starting in 1993, she was able to start the opportunities that children around the country now have and are now able to get the most out of while they are avoiding the broken public school system.

Betsy and Dick, her husband, created the foundation that now helps thousands of children and poor families who are not able to afford private education. They did so many things for children that they were able to create a foundation that helped them to get what they needed out of the educational system. Betsy and Dick knew that it was important for children to have a good education and for parents to have a choice in education so they used their foundation to make that a possibility. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

There were many times when they worked together on projects but there were even more times when they came together as a family to make the opportunities a possibility. It was something that they were comfortable with and something that they encouraged the other family members to get involved with. Because of the way that they saw philanthropy, they worked hard to make a good education a possibility for everyone who was a citizen of the United States. They plan to take their foundation to other areas and to make sure that they are doing the right thing. They continue to do things the right way for children and families across the country.

Now that DeVos has been successful with philanthropy, she will continue to help people out as much as she possibly can. She feels like it is her duty to help people who do not have as many opportunities as her and to make their lives better. Despite the fact that most people struggle with major problems that come from economic situations, Betsy DeVos thinks that these are all things that can be overcome and can make their lives better no matter what they are doing. Education is the key to making life better for all of the people in America. Check this article from New York Post.

Dick DeVos Is More Than Just A Wealthy Republican

Political affiliations and money are what many people think of when they hear the name Dick DeVos. What many people don’t think about is the millions of dollars he, and his entire family, have donated to those less fortunate than them. A recent article, published on MLive’s website, recently shed some light into what kind of man Dick DeVos really is.


The article was published in January of this year. It highlighted the financial information that has recently been made public about the DeVos family. This information showed that the DeVos family has donated millions of dollars over the years to encourage better education for Michigan’s children. In fact, the information in the article showed that Dick and Betsy DeVos dedicate over a quarter of their annual charitable contributions directly to education.


Dick DeVos’ professional career was also briefly discussed in the article. Dick’s father was one of the co-founders of the highly successful Amway company. Dick himself grew up helping start and grow the business. Dick graduated from Forest Hills Public School and went on to earn a degree in business administration. He then took on more executive roles in the Amway business. These roles included Vice President and eventually President of the business. He also ran the Orlando Magic team for a few years in the early 1990s.


Aside from his career in the family business, Dick has also held many seats on various charitable boards. He has been very involved in Michigan’s public school system his entire adult life. He has even sat on the state school board, funded a scholarship for less advantaged children, and opened a high school.


Mrs. DeVos’ recent nomination to the presidential cabinet has left many people unsure. However, a closer look into their lives and finances show that the DeVos family is very much aware of the current situation of the education system in the country. They have been trying to help change the educational system in Michigan, and now can help share their expertise with the rest of the country.


Many people today cannot get past their perceived perception of someone. Dick and Betsy DeVos are wonderful people who have used their mass wealth to help thousands of less fortunate children. It is clear by their charitable works, both financial donations and their time, that they are dedicated to helping reform the education system in our country.