Co Founder Of Fortress Investment Group Acquires English Soccer Team

Wes Edens is a leading entrepreneur and sports team owner based in the United States. He is the co founder and chairman of the renowned investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. He co founded the firm back in the year 1998 along with a couple of other finance professionals. Since founding the firm 20 years ago, Edens has built it into one of the most reputable in the financial services industry. Once the firm was founded, it quickly established itself as a trendsetter for years to come. During its history, the firm has expanded to many countries throughout the world. In terms of financial services are concerned, the firm offers things such as the management of valuable assets such as real estate, hedge funds and private equities. Today, Fortress Investment Group oversees a total amount of assets exceeding $40 million along with assisting well over 1500 institutional clients worldwide.

Fortress Investment Group is based in New York City. It also has a number of other office locations in key cities in various regions of the world. In terms of its ownership structure, it has three principals who control the firm. This firm is controlled by co founder and chairman Wes Edens, co founder and principal Randal Nardone and also Chief Executive Officer and principal Peter Briger. All three of these individuals participate in the daily strategy and management of the firm. When it looks to serving clients, Fortress Investment Groups offers mergers and acquisitions, asset management, capital markets, operations management and advisory services.

In recent months Wes Edens purchased a major professional English soccer team named Aston Villa. He invested in the team with another billionaire from Egypt named Nassef Sawaris. The two individuals invested a sum of 30 million British pounds which is equivalent to $39 million. They will acquire a total stake of 55% ownership of the team. With this transaction, Wes Edens and Nassef Sawaris will gain a majority control over Chinese businessman Tony Xia who bought the team two years ago in 2016.

Wes Edens will join a list of a few other prominent foreign billionaires who have purchased European sports teams. He joins individuals such as Roman Abramovich of Russsia, and the Glazer family. This new purchase will also become the second major sports team that Edens will have an ownership stake in. Wes purchased and has owned the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.

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Jim Toner Is Successful Even With All The Challenges

Jim Toner is a real estate guru that did not have it all handed to him. He had his ups and downs and is now stronger than ever. With all these invaluable experiences, Jim can take this information and help people. He has seen and done it all in his 25 plus years in the real estate industry.

One of his more difficult decisions came in 2010 when Jim stopped doing investment real estate. It all happened when he worked with a well known real estate guru who had been featured on national TV shows like FOX News. This guru’s real estate firm is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the largest in the United States. This well known person was not a good fit for Mr. Toner and ended up taking all of his money. This was devastating and ruined his life. He realized that the so-called real estate gurus were just frauds. Through his tough life experiences, Jim was able to write and author a book. It became such a hit that “Send in the Wolves” was ranked number one on Amazon. Some time passed and Jim’s friend approached him one day. The friend told Jim that he was the real deal and that he shouldn’t give up on his dreams. This convinced Mr. Toner to get back in the business with a few exceptions. He hired the best local real estate investor in specific cities to facilitate his program. His business worked, and it started to really take off. The people Mr. Toner hired are real people actually currently working in their field. They even had a goal of selling 500 homes in five years. This was based in the state of Ohio.

Whoever want to work for Jim Toner and his company cannot just join, they have to qualify. He keeps his business high quality and they really deliver results. Jim Toner is even starting up a podcast called “The Band of Rebels.” It will be coming soon and people will learn more about who is working for Jim’s company. The great thing about his business is that it is based on values and does not screw anyone over, like he was in the past. They have fun, work hard, and making money in the process of it all. Real estate as an industry has created the most millionaires out of all the fields out there. There are plenty of opportunities and Jim wants to encourage others to succeed. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is an avid reader. He recommends that everyone should read because it can open up doors in the future. That knowledge you get from reading is very empowering. Connect with Toner on Facebook.

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Stream Energy Cares

Not too long-ago Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston area with a vengeance and brought an enormous amount of rain. Numerous areas were flooded and there were people who lost their homes and their lives. Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step up and fund the effort to rebuild the community. The company has built a positive image through corporate philanthropy. Employees and company leaders of Stream Energy have helped to drive local giving in the community Stream Energy recently started a new charity foundation called “Stream Cares”. The advantages that this philanthropic effort should offer the company are that the company gives back to the community and earns greater respect from potential clients and the public.

Many times, corporations that give charity typically make it a highly publicized event. It can be to an advantage when the company faces a possible scandalous event, when profits decline, and when a company faces financial pressures and is forced to lay off workers. When viewing numbers, corporate America is extremely generous. It is estimated that businesses have over $19 billion to Charities across the nation in 2016.

Stream uses a simplistic business approach. They pay their associates to build a large base of loyal clients and deliver a vast array of services and products. Stream associates can potentially earn commissions from their sales It is the associates who often pick causes to support that they feel passionate about. One thing that is extremely important to the members of Stream Energy is homelessness. The company and its employees typically monitor the homeless rate in the Dallas area. Stream partners with Hope Supply company and covered the meal costs for over a thousand homeless children at an annual event “Splash for Hope”. In this event, employees donate money and supplies and bring the children to a local water park.

The RealReal Makes for One Exciting Instagram Feed

Whether or not you are in the market for luxury resale items, the pictures posted on The RealReal Instagram page is the best window shopping around. Designer bags, jewelry, and shoes, are top items featured. Would you like the blue crystal studded Balenciaga or the delicate pink Gucci heels featured on Instagram this week? The Celine shoes are displayed more as an art piece as well as thigh-high money-print boots. The pictures are just as breathtaking as the items themselves.

You know when you purchase from this consignment store you are investing in a designer piece, but when the goods are featured on The RealReal the item is guaranteed 100% authentic. So that adorable Burberry tote with the hint of rainbow plaid would never cross your mind as possibly being a fake. The RealReal Instagram feed is relaxing, yet gets you excited at the same time. So many designer goods, all authenticated and at fantastic prices. How do they do it?

This San Francisco-based company prides itself on meticulously examining every designer item, proving it’s authenticity, before allowing the site to sell it. This method has created a following of loyal, trusting clients who can buy with confidence, knowing that exact Chanel purse will arrive as shown on their Instagram feed.

What makes The RealReal different is they warehouse all the luxury goods for sale. They are not just a company that hosts a website for other sellers to post to. By taking control of the inventory they can assure once authenticated, no item can be switched out for a fake. The sheer array of designer goods that come in keeps the staff working diligently. With most items selling within 30 days, there is always something new to show its customers.

Following The RealReal on Instagram will also keep you updated on store openings so the next time you are in Los Angeles, you can stop on by the recently opened West Hollywood location and window shop in person.

Adam Milstein Mission towards Promoting the Jewish people

Adam Milstein spent his life in both Israel and the United States of America. He discovered that offering the Jewish American an opportunity to visit their native land Israel would be among the most credible ways of bolstering their interest in the State of Israel. Milstein and his wife Gila has much love towards Israel and the Jewish people. They are the founders of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation is always set to offer help to various other organizations that are in the similar mission of protecting and promoting the Jewish Community and Israel. Some the organizations that these foundations help incorporate Birth Right, the primary objective of this organization is to provide the upcoming and future generations an opportunity to visit the State of Israel as well as other various similar initiatives.

Adam Milstein is behind the project that involves sending more than 1000 people for a tour to Israel. Milstein has trust and faith in that this mission will make the Jewish-Americans get a great connection to their native land of Israel. The tour offers them an opportunity to get acquainted with the tremendous history of Israel, the Israel cultural norms, and beliefs, as well as the famous Israel Monuments. This tour is meant to establish a connection between the Jewish Americans and their identity.

Adam Milstein has been proven to be highly involved in various organizations. He was featured in the highly competitive list of the top 200 most influential figures in the world of philanthropy in the whole world. Richtopia did this research in partnership with RISE. Richtopia is a London-based newsletter while RISE is a Social Media ranking system. Adam Milstein is the co-founder as well as the National Chairman of Israel-American Council, IAC. Milstein has been in the frontline in preservation and improvement of the connection between Israel and the United States of America. Through his endeavors, these two nations can now comfortably work together towards achieving the same goals. Some of these goals include the development of the world peace, traditions, and cultural norms preservation, as well as human right universal protection.

How Ryan Seacrest Stays On Top of His Busy Schedule

There are some people who try to get a lot done in a day. However, there are few people who can balance more than one job at a time. For one famous celebrity, doing it all is just a part of the job. That celebrity, Ryan Seacrest, has been able to maintain a presence on radio, TV, production, philanthropy and fashion by following a unique schedule.

According to a recent article, which appeared in the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest begins his day every morning at 6 AM. After he wakes up, Mr. Seacrest enjoys a shower and a shave and then fuels up with some Matcha tea and coffee. After breakfast, Mr. Seacrest works out with a personal trainer. After a workout, the multifaceted celebrity absorbs the news and prepares for his work day.

In order to stay on the move, Ryan Seacrest has become extremely efficient when it comes to communication. Whenever he gets an e-mail, Mr. Seacrest will simply respond with the two-word phrase “got it” to acknowledge that the message was received and read.

As far as diet is concerned, Mr. Seacrest describes himself as mostly vegan. On the weekend, the celebrity will indulge with a long meal and a bottle of wine. And when he is not at work, Ryan Seacrest will put away the phone. Seacrest will even go as far as to lock his phone in a safe when he is on vacation.

One of Ryan Seacrest’s secret to success was handed down to him by none other than legend Dick Clark. According to Seacrest, Mr. Clark told him, “If you make your job look easy, then you are doing it right.” Currently, Ryan Seacrest is the host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and “American Idol” on television. Mr. Seacrest also hosts E! Red Carpet Events and a New Year’s Eve Broadcast. On Radio, Mr. Seacrest host “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and “American Top 40.” In addition to his on air work, Mr. Seacrest also owns a production company, owns his own fashion brand and manages The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

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A strategy that has worked for Nick Vertucci.

Nick Vertucci released his first book recently. Titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In this book, he recaps a number of lessons he has learned I his li8fe especially since he went into Real Estate. Today, as an accomplished real estate investor who currently runs the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He has been able to overcome various challenges and is today helping others achieve the same financial freedom he is enjoying. Over the years of working in Real Estate, he has been able to develop a working strategy that he employs today and has been able to achieve results.

This strategy can be simplified in his own terms as Get in, Get out, Get Paid. He breaks down this strategy as follows

Get In

Nick Vertucci identifies this as one of the most important steps. It is here that an investor makes certain decisions regarding what type of property to acquire and at what price. It is paramount that an investor does a lot of research in this stage.

Get Out

In this step, Nick Vertucci advocates that the investor works on improving the property. This can be done through rehabilitation and in other improvements. A property’s aesthetic value is as important as any other quality as it’s the first thing any potential buyer notices. As you work on improvements, it is important that you work within your set budget to ensure it does not become overly expensive and end up driving the price of the home to unmanageable levels. The property is then listed either to rent or for sale. Ensuring that there is sufficient marketing to reach the target audience

Get Paid

This is usually the best part of the deal. Once the purchase has been completed the investor ensures that all legal requirements are met and as such is free to indulge in the profits.

Jim Toner Shares How He Has Succeeded In The Real Estate Industry

Entrepreneur Jim Toner has made money in the real estate industry in a few different ways. He has invested in real estate, mainly residential properties. He has also been a radio host and has publicly spoken around the country about the opportunities in this industry. Some of the speakers he has put in appearances with include Sharon Lechter, Frank McKinney, Bill Bartmann, and the team at The Napoleon Hill Foundation. He has also worked as a consultant where he shares his strategies with other business owners in the industry.

He says that he has been down in the trenches in this industry for more than 25 years. Over the course of his career, Jim Toner put together the 12 Little House Plan which shows what strategies people should follow if they want to use real estate to attain financial freedom. Most of his time is spent on his own real estate deals but he does make time for a select group of private clients and once in awhile accepts new ones.

Jim Toner is also an active philanthropist. As a resident of Pittsburg, he has a seat on the advisory board for that city’s Salvation Army branch. He also donates money to and volunteers his time to the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project. this nonprofit builds concrete and steel homes in developing countries that have been hit by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

He is also an author. Jim Toner wrote, “The Band of Rebels” which is about his time in the real estate industry spent with like-minded individuals. He says that he was on a team of entrepreneurs who worked at the street-level in this industry, scouring for new opportunities. He says the book is about his time with these people as well as being about the attitude it takes to succeed. He says that local, state, and the federal government put up a lot of barriers to being a business owner in the real estate market and you have to be strong and determined to push through it all.


Investing in Freedom Checks could be Your Ticket to Wealth Creation

While the best investment you can ever make is learning how to handle your finances, it is also crucial to know when to hire an investment expert. An investment expert works with different clients to help them make viable investment decisions. As such, most people find it necessary to hire one especially when it comes to putting their money in the right resources. One such investment expert is Matt Badiali of checks.

What are Freedom Checks?

Boldly explaining what checks are on one of his videos, Matt Badiali is of the opinion that people could really benefit from this business. He explains that these are not the typical government programs issued by the state. Unlike social security funds or even Medicaid , freedom checks come from a different investment docket. Actually, one has to invest in this docket.

How to Invest in Checks

Like the name suggests, checks is money but it comes in the form of checks. These checks are issued by companies that deal with the production and supply of oil and gas. If you have been keen on the market watch, you may have noticed that Americans are not into importing oil and gas from the Middle East anymore. This is attributed to the fact that the country has enough resources to produce its energy.

Who Issues Freedom Checks?

These companies are also termed as master limited partnerships. These are companies that combine major tax benefits generated from partners thereby taxing the profits only if the investors receive their distributions. MLPs issue checks because they control the energy sector. Also, since they do not pay taxes, they are in a position to give investors about 90% of the entire profits.

Can the Investment be Trusted?

Matt Badiali has been working in the industry of investment since he landed his first career opportunity. He has mastered the economic trend of the country and understands the basics involved in managing different investment dockets. As such, he has been keen on advising people how to spend their money in the right resources. Therefore, freedom checks can be trusted to help people create wealth.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Leading the Way for Sound Investment Strategies

Retirement planning needs a lot of effort and planning, and if you do not start early, it would be difficult to plan your retirement that is fulfilling and content. Many investment products in the market claim to provide you with the financial umbrella for your future, but does it really do what it claims? It is a question that you cannot provide, and it is why the help of the financial advisor is needed. The financial professional who has studied finance and has been associated with the world of finance for many years may be in a better position to advise you in an experienced manner. Instead of relying on the internet, it is best to take advantage of the knowledge of HCR Wealth Advisors.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a company that hundreds of individuals in the United States work with to manage their wealth creation and retirement planning goals. The company has helped many people lead a life free of any financial worries, and it continues to provide helpful financial planning services. The good thing about the financial planning services offered by HCR Wealth Advisors is that it is research-based as the team at the company constantly keep a close watch on the financial markets. The company has an out of the box approach to financial planning and ensures that the retirement planning and financial planning services it offers is custom tailored to suit the specific financial goals of the clients. If you are one of those who want to lead a carefree life after retirement, it may be better to start early and take the help of HCR Wealth Advisors. They can provide you with the necessary input on what can be done to ensure you have financial security all through your life.

Diversifying investments is necessary as it minimizes the risk of losing money. There are times when people are unaware of the risk and put all their money into one product they like. HCR Wealth Advisors help plan their investments so that they can grow not only their investments but also secure their future.

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