Dr. Saad’s Experience Growing Up in the Middle East Led Him to Success

Dr. Saad Saad was recently interviewed for an article published on Blogwebpedia. The website published the interview of the pediatric surgeon, who has been practicing for nearly half a century in Stephen Callahan’s article “Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon-Update.” The article reveals the two biggest pieces of advice the surgeon has for anyone looking to succeed in life.


The first lesson Dr. Saad believes is vital to the success of anyone is only to accept the success one seeks. Dr. Saad came to the understanding after growing up in the Middle East. When he was a child, the State of Israel was created and caused many families to be relocated to Palestine. One day, when his father was working, his mother and the family left the house with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Dr. Saad’s family was relocated to the West Bank, and his father had to spend hours looking for them. He finally did after paying a boat owner to take him across the river. When reunited with his family, his father revealed that Dr. Saad should get an education. Knowing is one of the only ways to influence the world.


Dr. Saad would also discover this lesson later when he was growing up in Kuwait. Dr. Saad’s father moved the family after that oil was discovered in the Middle East and exported to foreign markets. Dr. Saad’s father was an engineer who focused on oil. Even without a country and seemingly no future, Dr. Saad’s father was able to provide a life for them because of his education. Dr. Saad had a traumatic experience while in Kuwait. He was a teenager finishing high school and working on a construction site in the summer. Due to Kuwait’s intense heat in the summer, Dr. Saad fainted. When he awoke, he realized he had suffered from a heat stroke and discovered that working outside in the Middle East was not the right career path for him. It was at the same time that he discovered the only place routinely conditioned was the operating room. This led him to pursue his education in medicine. He pursued his career as a pediatric surgeon and graduated from medical school.


Dr. Saad soon immigrated to the United States and discovered the power of doing as much as possible in a single day. Dr. Saad recognized the importance of a strong work ethic, paired with despising procrastination which allowed him to become one of the first Board Certified pediatric surgeons.

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Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Talks About His Career And Daily Schedule

Tech industry entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky recently conducted an interview with A Drink With. He is a co-founder of the deals website Groupon and is its chairman of the board. He also co-founded Tempus, Inc., and is the CEO, which is a company that provides an operating system that doctors can use to more effectively treat cancer through the use of technology. His company provides doctors with genomic sequencing services which allows them to more effectively treat patients using data, removing a lot of the guesswork they formerly had to do.

During this interview Eric Lefkofsky said that he gets up each workday at 5:00 am and gets to his office an hour later. He will take a break in the morning to get his workout in but, otherwise, he pretty much works nonstop all day. He will spend less than 15 minutes eating lunch and leaves his office around 6:00 to 6:30 in the early evening.

He says that he used to be able to stop thinking about work when the day was done. That has gotten harder for him in recent years as he is in leadership positions with a few companies. As he points out Groupon alone has 11,000 people working for it who work in 48 countries around the world. There is always something going on somewhere so he has to check his emails anymore even when he isn’t in the office.

Eric Lefkofsky says that he and his various business partners have had their hand in around 60 or 70 companies. He used to really enjoy keeping track of all that and doing his part to make these companies successful. He said that he took a vacation with his family to Asia and they spent two months visiting different countries. When he returned to his position as the CEO of Groupon and he says he decided to really focus on just that one company for a few years. He is now mostly focused on making Tempus a success and providing the tools that doctors need to successfully treat cancer patients.

OSI Group Taking Over The Food Industry By Storm Through Innovative Leadership

At the heart of the food industry, lies a company whose name is worth a thousand mentions thanks to the enormous strides it has made in the said sector. Currently, a global conglomerate with 65 branches in seventeen countries and approximately 20,000 staff, OSI Group is the perfect example of a grass to grace story, and its current success explains best, the impacts of good leadership and management.OSI Group was established about a century ago by a mere immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky in Illinois, Chicago. It began as a small retail meat market serving the German immigrant community in Chicago but thanks to his innovative skills and a grand vision, within two years, Otto had managed to expand its scope and turned it into a wholesale meat business. This was followed by a series of changes and was even rebranded to Otto & Sons after his sons joined in the family business.

OSI Group success went at full throttle after going into a partnership with McDonald’s as its primary supplier for fresh meat. Since then OSI Group in conjunction with one of the most recognized global brands have gone on to make massive strides in the food industry with OSI opening a separate branch in a bid to keep up with the escalating demand of McDonald’s meat requirements. This turned it into one of McDonald’s leading meat suppliers and a stable supplier to other A-list companies in the food industry such as Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Yum and many others.Besides great leadership, OSI’s ability to keep up with the dynamic food industry has been made possible by its ability to embrace changes and keep up with technology. For instance, the company utilizes flash freezing, a form of technology which enables it to not only serve its consumer base diligently but also helps in cutting down the extra costs caused by traditional frost.

Today OSI dominates the global food arena and even ranks 58 on the Forbes list of the leading private companies and has branches in countries like Brazil, Poland, and Mexico just to mention a few. It continues to make massive strides through the acquisition of property in different countries and entering into partnerships with major players in the same sector. For instance, its recent procurement of Baho foods has enabled it to expand its horizons to Germany while its acquisition of Tyson foods has helped it to increase its production capacity thereby meeting and surpassing the expectation of its clients. All these milestones can be attributed to its ability to identify market gaps, incredible customer relations, embracing technology and on top of it all great leadership. Unlike most companies in the food industry, OSI’s walk to glory is unique in that the company’s management minds the wellbeing of others and that of Mother Nature a factor that has seen it bag a long string of awards and honors such as 2016’s globe of honor, the California green business award, and many others.

Moving forward to the next big thing.

NexBank Capital is a customizable banking and financial services company geared towards institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations nationwide through three core businesses: Institutional services, Commercial and Mortgage Banking. They are always working hard to make things easier and more efficient for their clients. Focused on clients for nearly one hundred years, their bankers combine their financial experience and insights with a wide range of their products and tools to analyze their clients’ current financial position and create new strategies to help them meet their objectives.

In Dallas of November 2016, John Holt, the CEO and President of NexBank Capital, Inc., joined a panel at the Texas Bankers Association’s Fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities. He sat on another in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the M&A Conference. The panels’ topic of discussion was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. He shared his perspectives on the principal opportunities and community bank leaders’ challenges to an audience of bank leaders, advisers, and consultants. All in attendance were able to explore strategic opportunities through this discussion and future organic branching and growth.

Later that same month, a division of NexBank SSB, called College Savings Bank (“CSB”), completed their core banking system and online banking system conversion successfully. It became one of FDIC’s program managers that insured over 525 college savings plans nationwide. To get the ball rolling, CSB migrated 115 thousand accounts along with their information. This enabled them to provide their customers with the new industry-leading core banking system and online banking system that they’ll love. CSB didn’t just stop there; they also planned for more customer service enhancements to increase their customer satisfaction. John Holt expressed that this program was designed to enhance accessibility to their accounts, improve account management and online banking experience, and product up-to-date, simplified products with competitive rates to make it easier for their customers to save for their higher education.

Robert Deignan Is A Technology Professional With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Robert Deignan has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and found success early on in his life. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended Purdue University between 1992-1995 where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership. He studied at the university of a full football scholarship and played for a brief time with the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets during 1997 and 1998. One of his earliest entrepreneurial ventures was Fanlink, Inc. of which he was the founder, and he started that company up in 1998. He also served with iS3 Inc. for 9 years and became the company’s Executive Vice President.

Robert Deignan’s most recent venture is with ATS Digital Services where he is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. ATS is a digital support company that works with consumers on an international basis to help them solve their tech issues, and Deignan has been working with the company since its inception in 2011. The company works with its customers remotely, and this means they can solve problems quickly and efficiently without many of their customers ever having to leave their homes or businesses to do so.

Rpbert Deignan has found that he comes up with a lot of his ideas while he is enjoying nature in the outdoors. He takes part in many different sporting competitions, at times, and just simply enjoys being in nature at others. It is during those times when he is disconnected from technology that he has come up with some of his best ideas. He jots down those ideas and then elaborates on them when he works on his computer again. If the idea still looks like a good one, he will get to work digging into it deeper and talking to his business partners. This gives him a different kind of perspective, and if, after talking with them, the idea still looks good, they get to work with the implementation of whatever it is. Today, Robert Deignan calls the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area his home, and he loves to spend time with his wife and son when he can.


Waiakea Shows How Being Upfront and Honest Works Well for the Marketer

Every successful business owner agrees that marketing is very important for the success of the company. The only thing is that they have to have news that is worth marketing. One method that is ill-advised is making false claims. However, companies that are busy with activities can share all of their positive activities that are related to the company. This can get people on board with the company. They can talk about the projects and plans they are involved in. They can also talk about the purpose behind these projects. This tends to get people on board with what the company is doing and make them eager to support their activities.

One company that is very good at this approach is Waiakea. One thing that Waiakea does right is make announcements on the activities they are involved in. Waiakea has talked about being involved in making improvements to the environment. In order to back up their claims, they make sure to report their activities to the masses so that they will see that the bottled water company is in fact doing everything they can for the environment. This includes making improvements to the bottles they are using for their Hawaii volcanic water.

Being upfront and honest about everything works for the company not only in the way that it improves the reputation of the company, but also in the way that it keeps the company on radar. Customers that hear a lot about a company are going to be more inclined to buy from the company or interact with it in other ways than customers that don’t hear as much about a company. One thing this does is create desire just by availability. It also shows that a company is alive. If there is very little activity with a company, then it is going to feel closed.


The Emergence of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is currently one of the biggest food producers in the whole world. It has more than 20,000 employees in their 65 stores located in 17 countries. OSI Industries emerged as a small business to a big corporate business in the country. The history of the global food provider is engrained in the United States immigrant experience. In the 20th century, Otto Kolshcowsky was a member of the German immigrant community living in Chicago, Illinois State. Immigrants of the German origin made a quarter of the population of Chicago city. During this time, Chicago was an industrial center and also an entry point for immigrants moving into the city to cultivate lands.

In 1909, Otto Kolschcowsky established a meat retail store and a butcher shop to cater for the needs of his community. He managed his business very well and within a period of ten years his business had developed into a wholesale business. It expended its business to Maywood, Chicago. In the next one decade, the business emerged as a family business owned by immigrants. In 1928, the business was rebranded and named Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons became stable and continued to properly serve its customers.

During the postwar economic expansion period, a significant business alliance was formed with two tiny family businesses. In 1995, Ray Kroc established the very first McDonald’s hotel in Des Plaines. Prior to opening the official McDonalds, he made a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto Kolschcowsky to open the first franchise supply of fresh ground beef. Later on, Kroc acquired McDonalds and made himself the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the business. In the new business the sons of Otto became the official suppliers of the McDonald restaurants in the region. The family business was thriving and developing into one of the best brands in the world.

In the next twenty years, Otto & Sons, a regional supplier transformed into a global corporation and was named OSI Industries. The main aim of the franchising business was supplying. The main products of the McDonalds were the hamburgers. An increase in demand pressured Otto & Sons as well as other suppliers to produce quality and affordable products that could be ferried to the various restaurants owned by McDonalds. In the late 1960s, technological advancements made the Otto & Sons task easier. Otto & Sons developed into two-track company. The company changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975 and continued with its supply of food products to customers all over the world.


Fagaili’I Airport

     Fagali International Airport (FGI) is situated a few miles southwest of the town center of Apia, the capital and largest city in Samoa. This small airport has a fascinating history in that it started out as a grass airstrip until it was paved and officially opened in July 2002. However its function was short lived and after some controversy about noise and safety, it was closed in January 2005.

Four years later, Polynesian Airlines reopened it and began regular, internal flights to the island’s five other airports and also to Pago Pago in American Samoa, thus giving Fagali Airport international status.

The island of Samoa is attracting more tourists every year. With a tropical rainforest climate and many historical sites, visitors only have to travel a few miles from Fagali Airport to see 19th Century Colonial churches in downtown Apia located next to 20th Century multi-story buildings.

The Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last four years of his life on Samoa and is buried on Mt. Vaea overlooking Vailima where he lived. I suspect the island has changed in many ways since the late 19th Century, especially with all the new technology available and Fagali Airport, which transports locals around Samoa and visitors to and from American Samoa.

This small airport plays a large part in the lives of Samoans and has helped bring their island into the 21st Century.

What You Need To Know About Trabuco The War Machine

This was a siege weapon that was being used during the middle ages. The role of the machine was to crush the masonry walls or it could be used to fire the projectiles over the enemies. The working of the machine was the same as the working of a catapult. Trabuco was sometimes referred to as balancing Trabuco so that it could be distinguished from other weapons. It has become a way of referring to short guns and revolvers in Brazil.

There was an appearance of an overweight blunderbuss in the Muslim and Christian countries that were near Mediterranean. Trabuco was having capabilities of throwing over 140 kilos of the projectiles using a high speed to the enemy fortifications. The machine threw projectiles up to 800 m from where it was and it had another advantage of being accurate.

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There were reports saying that bodies that were infected with diseases were being launched with the attempt of infecting the people who they were attacking. Trabuco was referred as a biological warfare that was being adopted in middle ages.

In about 400BC, it is the time when Trabucos were being invented in China according to dicio.com.br. They were then brought later to Europe where they later came to be abandoned when there was an outbreak of gunpowder.

The mechanism consisted in the transformation of potential energy to form kinetic energy. The mechanism is derived from the sling. When potential energy is being transformed into kinetic, it’s not all that if formed, some parts dissipates which end up forming the friction. The size of counterweight should be directly proportional to the projectile velocity according to pt.wiktionary.org. This is because, for a larger overweight, it will lead to a stronger projectile. The operation links to the physical calculations of potential gravitational, kinetic energy and the potential difference will be directly linked to the weapons operation.

See: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Trabuco

Rocketship Education Is Shooting To The Top Of The Educational System

Each and every student out there deserves a quality education, not just those that come from privileged families. Rocketship Education is a charter school system that is creating more schools every single year that are open to all students, especially those on low-income. More than 25,000 students participated in the Rocketship Education system last year alone and the majority of them came from low-income families. All students are deserving of a quality education and it is important to help every student build a foundation for success and reach their maximum potential. Rocketship Education schools do this through a unique curriculum for all of their students.

Every student that is enrolled in a Rocketship school receives a standard education, but they also receive one-on-one training with tutors that help every student master every area of their learning. Students are also given access to the latest technologies and tools that are available to the educational system to help improve their learning experience. With this method, students rarely fall behind or feel left out when it comes to their schoolwork, which means students are more engaged in the classroom and have a better time learning. Attendance rates and confidence levels also go up when students are enjoying and doing well with their schooling.

Thanks to this hybrid learning method, Rocketship schools have produced some of the highest scoring students in the country, beating out even those in the wealthier cities, including Palo Alto School District. Compared to regular schooling with proficiency ratings in the 50 percentile range, Rocketship Education school students were highly proficient in their studies, especially math with more than 90 percent of students doing exceptionally well. This strong foundation extends throughout a students life in most cases, not just their academic career, teaching the valuable principles they can take and use for the rest of their adult lives.