Karl Heideck’s Career In Litigation

Litigation is the term used to describe the process of resolving a dispute between two people within the confines of the legal system. When one party feels that someone else harmed them they might hire a lawyer to resolve the situation and/or bring them whole again. Before a lawsuit is filed in courts it is typical that the lawyer will send the other party a demand letter. The demand letter explains what the issue is and what the lawyer’s client expects to happen in order to resolve their case and/or what amount of money they should be compensated. Most litigation cases are resolved through a negotiation of the demand letter.

If a lawsuit is filed both parties have a right to know all of the information about the case, which is the discovery phase. When the case is heard before a judge both parties will make their case and the judge will render his judgment.

Karl Heideck of Philadelphia is a lawyer who has seven years of experience as a litigator. His current position is at the legal firm Grant & Eisenhofer, PA where he is a Contract Attorney. Karl Heideck’s work at the firm is primarily focused on the discovery phase of the cases that his firm is handling. His cases generally involve allegations of securities fraud and other banking litigation.

As he enjoys educating others, Karl Heideck has an official blog where he teaches people some of the basics about litigation. In one recent blog posting, he described the process and explained exactly what litigation is. In another blog posting, Karl Heideck went into further detail about litigation and how it effects institutions and the rule of law.

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Dick DeVos Is More Than Just A Wealthy Republican

Political affiliations and money are what many people think of when they hear the name Dick DeVos. What many people don’t think about is the millions of dollars he, and his entire family, have donated to those less fortunate than them. A recent article, published on MLive’s website, recently shed some light into what kind of man Dick DeVos really is.


The article was published in January of this year. It highlighted the financial information that has recently been made public about the DeVos family. This information showed that the DeVos family has donated millions of dollars over the years to encourage better education for Michigan’s children. In fact, the information in the article showed that Dick and Betsy DeVos dedicate over a quarter of their annual charitable contributions directly to education.


Dick DeVos’ professional career was also briefly discussed in the article. Dick’s father was one of the co-founders of the highly successful Amway company. Dick himself grew up helping start and grow the business. Dick graduated from Forest Hills Public School and went on to earn a degree in business administration. He then took on more executive roles in the Amway business. These roles included Vice President and eventually President of the business. He also ran the Orlando Magic team for a few years in the early 1990s.


Aside from his career in the family business, Dick has also held many seats on various charitable boards. He has been very involved in Michigan’s public school system his entire adult life. He has even sat on the state school board, funded a scholarship for less advantaged children, and opened a high school.


Mrs. DeVos’ recent nomination to the presidential cabinet has left many people unsure. However, a closer look into their lives and finances show that the DeVos family is very much aware of the current situation of the education system in the country. They have been trying to help change the educational system in Michigan, and now can help share their expertise with the rest of the country.


Many people today cannot get past their perceived perception of someone. Dick and Betsy DeVos are wonderful people who have used their mass wealth to help thousands of less fortunate children. It is clear by their charitable works, both financial donations and their time, that they are dedicated to helping reform the education system in our country.


Jason Halpern and JMH Consistent Success

Jason Halpern’s success in real estate is due to his long time experience and more especially having grown up in such a family. He is an accomplished entrepreneur in this industry. Starting on the business was not hard since he already knew so much. He is a managing partner at JMH Development and has highly contributed to its success.

He has spent 50 years in the organization in developing real estate buildings and also being in charge of them as a manager. His experience has kept the company developing. Furthermore JMH Development is well-known as well as being one of the tops in the U.S. New York City and Westchester County have properties that are managed by his family and the company.

The organization’s main job is to develop archaeological buildings, this is a good investment because such construction welcome tourists. These historical buildings make the whole company and its team outstanding from other companies that deal with real estate development. Moreover, JMH Development has maintained a good partnership with numerous cities because of the excellent job it brings out. The organization works on 24-hour clock service hence emerging to be a top company in the real estate industry.

Jason Halpern

Each and every building constructed by the company has a meaning that will keep people coming, this is due to how unique these constructions are. Williamsburg and Brooklyn are working together with the company due to the development difference in order of a better development, these two are recognized to have good developing markets. The goal of the organization is constructing incredible, luxurious and prosperous buildings.

Jason Halpern is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist who has involved himself in many charitable firms. Some of the firms include The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, he assists to his capacity in this center. This institute is part of his hometown. Another charitable firm is The Westchester Medical Fraternity, he helps in providing the required tools that assist in the treatment of orthopedic surgery, open-heart surgery and emergency neurosurgery.

It is the duty of the facility to make sure that children and women about to give birth are treated the same as other patients. Jason Halpern also offers a sum of $20,000 million to each agreement completed in the global water charity work. Nepal and Ethiopia are the countries that gain from this water project because they are funded. Jason Halpern at the end of the day is a happy man because he accomplishes his work as a businessman of the real estate industry and a philanthropist who has changed the lives of many people all over the world.

Adam Milstein Outlines Strategies behind his Success in Real Estate Sector

Hailing from Israel, Adam Milstein is a passionate community leader, a devoted philanthropist, and a smart investor in the real estate sector. He was part of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) that fought the Yom Kippur War. He acquired his degree from Technion in 1978. After arriving in the U.S. back in 1981, Milstein enrolled in USC and received an executive MBA. He started his commercial real estate career in Southern California back in 1983. Milstein handles daily operations of Hager Pacific Properties, a globally recognized commercial real estate company.

Adam Milstein is among the founders of the Israeli-American Council and acts as its national chairman. He oversees national expansion strategies for this organization. Adam offers strategic direction as a board member of nonprofits, such as AISH Los Angeles, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, and Israel on Campus Coalition.  The books enlighten over 15,000 Israeli-Jewish-American families residing in the U.S. on Jewish values.

The creation of Hager Pacific Properties

While at the University of Southern California, Milstein noticed that many people who sourced for employees from their campus did not appreciate his skills and life experience. They offered to pay him lower than what undergraduates students were earning. Thus, he decided to venture into the commercial real estate sector as a broker. Upon completing three successful years as a broker, Milstein decided to become a full-time real estate investor.

Improving productivity

Milstein believes that running a business becomes difficult, as new assets are acquired, and day-to-day activities increase. He actively engages in numerous philanthropic endeavors to make his day job more exciting and fulfilling.

Implementing ideas

Adam Milstein invests heavily in executing new ideas. In case there is no one to oversee the implementation of a new concept, Milstein will do the job by himself. He demands consistent updates from his employees. That way, he can rest assured that his firm is operating smoothly. Adam Milstein is aware that getting tangible results in the real estate sector requires time and patience.